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Lustral Water all set to revolutionize drinking water in domestic homes through its futuristic technological innovations

Home-grown D2C model-based company, Lustral Water which is one of the leaders in the domestic water purifier market is all set to strengthen its water business portfolio through innovation in its offerings. With an aim to revolutionize drinking water in domestic homes through its advanced technological innovations, the brand has launched what it claims is ‘the world’s first’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) enabled water purifiers that come equipped with inbuilt sensors.

The brands offerings aim to be one-stop solutions for health challenges arising owing to the consumption of unhealthy drinking water. Having safe, clean, and potable drinking water is a priority for each household and the community at large. Lustral Water intends to address the above pain points by making use of technology as an enabler to generate an AI-enabled intelligent smart water purifier with IOT + UF + UV + Mineralizer. The one-of-its-kind product facilitates users to track the TDS and PH score, filtration candles quality, auto water spillage detection and AI-enabled prediction on drinking and cooking with minimum water. Alongside it also notifies the requisite to change the filtration candle. By launching this technologically driven water purifier that is targeted at the mass segment, the brand aims to garner substantial market share in every section of the consumer pyramid.

The help of AI and IoT technology has revolutionised the water purification industry which had experienced its share of hindrances like budget constraints due to high energy bills and the overpriced chemicals used, adding to financial issues. This is where AI and IoT play the role of game changers, these smart devices are running the water treatment facilities more efficiently all the while bringing down the operating expenses. The digital age has facilitated in tackling the large scale industries and has slowly made its way to our homes to bring about the same level of efficacy.

The advanced water purifiers offered by the brand eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria by retaining only the essential minerals. The ingrained new-age technology helps keep a tab on consumer’s water intake, PH and TDS levels. Besides, innovation and renovation that has always been Lustral Waters core competency, their line of offerings also highlight on core factors like accessibility, affordability, authentication, validation and are new-aged technologically driven. The brand is a step ahead of competitors in the affordable water purifier segment by providing by following a one price plan for all approach that encompasses less than Rs 1/litm creating a unique subscription model of Rs200/monthly without any maintenance or device cost.

According to Aditya Patnaik, CEO and Founder, Lustral Water, “Lustral Water is a game changer that will revolutionise the perception of digitally-abled yet cost-effective water purifiers with health benefits. Its features and advantages will instantly appeal to consumers who want to be doubly sure that their drinking water is natural and safe, and goes a step further as an aesthetically appealing device that can be proudly displayed in the household kitchens. Our purifiers are equipped to provide domestic households with valid water that is automatic with absolutely no human-intervention needed. In case of bad water quality, the systems are armed to notify an expert technician on an immediate basis, thus lessening maintenance hassles for consumers.”

Today Lustral Water is the only brand who having the ability to validate live water quality data inside domestic homes alongside creating a safety cover to the families.

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