Amethyst presents Anavila’s latest summer Collection – ‘Kaas’. A collection of summer staples inspired by the seasonal blooms in Maharashtra’s Kas Plateau.

Along the Western Ghats, on the rocky basalt mountains of the Sahayadri mountains, a piece of magic unfurls every year. A biodiversity hotspot develops where wildflowers bloom in an endless array of colours and flirt with butterflies dancing across the horizon. This spring Anavila Misra draws inspiration for her collection from this natural wonder, Maharashtra’s little secret, the Kaas Plateau.

Different colours unite in Kas, rioting against conservative palettes, and as always with nature, the result is breathtaking. Soft pastels sway amongst bright wildflowers and delicate orchids- every pairing is unexpected and yet these juxtapositions of colour against the changing colours of the sky is just what your heart desires.

In ‘Kaas’ by Anavila this translates into a linen saree that holds many shades of pink all drawn together in synchrony as orchestrated by nature; An organza saree embodies the melee of colours across the valley; Fine Khadi silk dupattas are designed to be light a flowy, mimicking the movement of grass in the breeze. Amongst the handwoven linen sarees, the texture of metallic zaris reflect the play of sun and water across the shifting moods of a retreating monsoon; Stripes and checks draw from the interplay of colour across the Kaas plateau’s horizon. Ombre kaftans catch wisps of a memory- an endless carpet of blooms against a thirsty horizon. Blue features prominently in this collection capturing the many personalities of the sky over Kaas plateau .

This collection launches Satin Novas sets. Says Anavila Misra, “I wanted to represent the plush texture of some of these flowers like the orchid. That heavenly soft touch that feels satiny on the outside and silk on the inside. My focus is coming back closer to home and seeing the beauty in India, Kaas is another step in that direction to help people discover the hidden wonders of India.” Like the timeless plateau the silhouettes including sarees, blouses, sets and dupatta are young, airy and youthful- but unconcerned by time.

Declared a world heritage site in 2012 only 3000 people a day can visit this valley for the limited time it is in bloom.

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