Eufy by Anker to introduce Robovac G20 Hybrid by next month in India.

Mumbai, April 2022: Eufy by Anker, known for its smart cleaning solutions, shall announce its most advanced version of Robotic vacuum cleaner in India – ‘Robovac G20 Hybrid’ by mid of the next month. RoboVac G20 Hybrid shall come with 2 in 1 sweep and mop feature along with the smart navigation. The product shall be available with leading retail stores along with e-commerce platforms.

In India, Eufy offers a robust range of robotic vacuum systems, including the RoboVac G10, G30, and 35C. Since Covid19, the firm has had rapid expansion in India. The company’s revenue has increased by double under its Eufy range, owing to a surge in sales of robotic vacuum cleaners. Speaking on the upcoming launch, Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj – Country Head, Anker Innovations said, “After seeing the previous response, we are enthusiastic for the future introduction of our Robovacs. The products are a one-time investment for every Indian household.”

The new Robovac G20 Hybrid will include Eufy’s signature Boost IQ technology, which will provide increased suction power to get a higher degree of cleanliness. Eufy RoboVac will come with many sophisticated controls, built for a smarter life, and will operate with little noise. The smart controls include – smart navigation, AI Map 2.0 Technology, no-go zones, multi-floor mapping, and more. Because of its voice-activated control, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Robovac G20 Hybrid remains one of the most awaited products for the Indian Markets, tailored & designed as per the Indian use. Watch this space for the upcoming launch.

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