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Clinic on Wheels’ initiative/ Primary Roaming Augmented Neo-Medical Aid.

Bengaluru, April  2022 – Humanity faced an unprecedented crisis in the history of India & World. Lack of basic medical resources or timely administration of these resources continues to be one of the primary challenges for the underprivileged.

We endeavored to step up and reach out to those who have limited or no access to support. PRANA is a project that was conceptualized and implemented by Sai Narain CDK, Founder & CEO, HUVABUVA Management Consultants – Dubai. With the support of Parikrma Humanity Foundation and Indiassetz, they have collectively delivered this to the needy in Bengaluru city.

Project PRANA

This mobile model serves three purposes:

A. The first is that it serves as a Mobile ICU Oxygen Support unit with 4 beds that provides emergency support to a critical patient until proper hospital capacity can be found for the patient, if required later.

B. The second is that it serves as a Mobile Vaccination Administrator

C. The third is that it serves as a Mobile Clinic providing basic medical care

The mobile unit can be docked at any pre-arranged docking point that is closer to a catchment of critical patients. Once the purpose is fulfilled, it can be driven to another docking station where there is a need. We can create as many such units as is the demand. Creating one such unit costs circa Rs 55 lakhs including one time and running cost for 6 months. The Prana Mobile Units will serve underprivileged communities in Bengaluru, spanning 110 slums and covering a population of 20000. With slum dwellers touching over 1 million in Bengaluru alone needs over 100 such mobile clinics and we are looking at like-minded corporations for partnership.

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