Embark on The Journey to Conscious Being with Dharana at Shillim

Shillimb, Maharashtra  India June 10, 2024: Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Sahyadri Mountain range of Maharashtra, just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai,  a transformative haven dedicated to wellbeing, lifelong learning, and environmental consciousness is unveiled today – Dharana at Shillim.

Writer Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., the retreat’s owner, are excited to embark on this new chapter that focuses on creating an environment that fosters holistic wellbeing, ignites a passion for learning, and inspires a deep respect for the environment.

Dharana at Shillim represents a significant evolution,” says Gavin deSouza, MD, Writer Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. “Guided by our profound commitment to environmental stewardship and holistic wellbeing, our vision is to create an environment where you can open up a space within yourself to inquire, learn, practice, and contemplate our very existence and our place in it.”


Dharana at Shillim is an award-winning luxury wellbeing retreat immersed in the tranquillity and healing atmosphere of the Sahyadri Mountains in Maharashtra, India. Explore 2,500 acres of beautifully pristine and ancient landscape, and embark on a transformative wellbeing experience designed to deeply revitalise and rejuvenate one’s inner self.


Dharana at Shillim, embraces the role of guiding one towards a state of ‘Dharana‘ (deep concentration and awareness) cultivated through inner strength, peace, enthusiasm, love, and knowledge. The research-led, personalised care programmes empower to transcend boundaries and embark on a journey towards optimal health, vitality, purpose, and meaning, ultimately experiencing the profound ‘Journey to Conscious Being.’     


Shillim is more than just a destination, it embodies a philosophy that prioritises the interconnection of personal wellbeing and environmental health. 

The story of Shillim is one of passion and conservation, over a remarkable 25-year journey, witnessing the transformation from past agricultural use to a thriving ecosystem. Supported by the Shillim Institute, founded in 1999, their efforts led to the revival of over a million trees. 

At the core of Shillim lies Dharana.  An ideal retreat location, Dharana at Shillim today is a space for healing, community and regeneration where guests can come together to connect with The Magic of Shillim.


The state of Dharana allows one to navigate life from a place of peace. 

Inspired by the five Panchamahabhutas, the wellbeing philosophy follows the route of five holistic pathways.   







Tailored by in-house doctors, Dharana at Shillim offers long and short-term programmes, to meet specific health goals leaving guests with a revitalised sense of purpose.

Detox and Cleanse: 

Ayurvedic Panchkarma Programme 

The Dharana Art of Detox 

 Dharana Fitness and Weight Management 

 Dharana Fitness Focus Programme 

The Dharana Sustainable Weight Management Programme- 


Dharana Reset and Revive Programme 

Dharana Mental Resilience Retreat Programme

The Dharana Yogic Path Programme

Specialised Focus Programmes: 

Dharana Age Rejuvenation Retreat  

Dharana Immunity Rasayana Retreat 

Individualise journey with Dharana Holistic Healing – Ideal programme for guests dealing with specific health issues.

The retreat offers short stay 2-night and 3-night programmes that have been meticulously crafted to offer you a condensed yet immersive experience. A mini wellness reboot. 


Surrounded by forest, birdsong and fresh air, the mindfully designed villas are self-contained hideaways offering the utmost tranquillity. With nature-inspired designs, enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. 

  • One Bedroom Garden Pool Villas
  • Grand Residences 
  • Forest Villa
  • Hillside Villa
  • Two Bedroom Family Villa 


At Dharana, the Approach to Nourishment is the belief that natural foods with medicinal properties have the power to promote inner healing. The retreat embraces the earth-to-table approach using freshly sourced, seasonal ingredients, sacred herbs, and generational wisdom and Vedic philosophy guided by the seasons, and ensure all guests receive wholesome nourishment from across the Four Kingdoms (plant, animal, funghi, bacteria and yeast). 

The Green Table, for guests on dedicated wellbeing programmes, offers a serene culinary experience that aligns seamlessly with one’s wellness objectives. 

Tea House & Apothecary serves home-brewed tea infusions and Dharanas’s signature apothecary blends created with premium botanicals and natural ingredients, carefully curated to support health and wellbeing. 

Vyoma – The casual dining spot that serves a nature-inspired abundantly nutritious menu.  

Library Lounge-  Offers a tantalising selection of healthy blends packed with phytonutrients. 

Ojas- A vibrant all-day family dining experience where you can savour nourishing local and global cuisine. 

Dharana Culinary Studio- Imbibing the earth-to-table philosophy that forms the backbone of the lessons to create a fun, informative and interactive learning experience. 

A bedrock of Ayurvedic Living, a typical day at Dharana is a unique Dincharya, or daily routine prescribed by specialists to restore balance to the body and mind. 


Dharana’s Healing Spaces are soaked in the beauty of nature. Explore an elevated environment of nurturing intended to raise vibration. 

A meditation cave

A yoga centre 

Mindfully designed treatment villas 

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