Happiest Health MOVE Summit 2024 Inspires Fitness and Healthy Living with Discussions and Fitness Circuit

Happiest Health MOVE Summit 2024 Inspires Fitness and Healthy Living with Discussions and Fitness CircuitBENGALURU, 10th June 2024: Health and wellness knowledge enterprise Happiest Health launched the MOVE Summit today in Bengaluru to empower individuals on holistic fitness. The day-long summit was filled with diverse interactive workshops and sessions, networking opportunities, and access to the latest fitness technologies and trends. The event introduced the audience to practical knowledge and expert tips on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Based on the MOVE principle (Move, Own, Vitalise & Empower), the summit focused on the need for regular movement for healthier and happier lives.

A very engaging fitness competition of strength & conditioning was conducted at the summit that witnessed participation of over 100 people from across various age groups. Conquer the circuit competition which also had cash prizes of 50 K ( 1st prize), 25k 9 2nd prize) & 10K ( 3rd prize)

The day’s programme was centered around physical and healthy lifestyle management, helping attendees understand the value of diverse fitness approaches in today’s evolving landscape. The summit featured speakers, athletes, and fitness celebrities and showcased globally renowned fitness brands. The summit discussed bone & muscle health, exercise regimen, and sports injury prevention, besides hosting an experiential dance session, and a fitness quiz. People also participated in the MOVE Circuit, a strength and endurance challenge with several rounds of fitness activities where winners won cash prizes.

Mr. Anindya Chowdhury, CEO and President, Knowledge, Happiest Health, spoke about the summit “The MOVE Fitness Summit has brought together a community of health focused individuals and industry leaders to create open, honest dialogues around fitness and health. We’re always interested in new perspectives at Happiest Health and allowing people to access them easily. We look forward to showcasing more thoughts, ideas, and activities and helping people on their health and wellness journeys.”

Anju Bobby George, Senior Vice President, the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), delivered the keynote address, shared her journey as a sportsperson and her road to success. In conversation with Ashish Pratap Singh, CMO of Happiest Health, she spoke on various topics, from fitness aspects to the importance of rest, self-belief, and being mindful of nutrition along every step of an athlete’s preparation. She also discussed the future of Indian athletics and the high expectations around today’s athletes.

In her message to aspiring athletes, Anju Bobby George said, “Firstly, you need to identify whether you are good and talented enough at sports; don’t spend your time otherwise. And if you’re good, it’s still not an easy task—you have years of hard work to look ahead to. You’ll have to lose out on fun. But focus on yourself, work hard, and time will help you achieve your goal.”

In her session, Finding Time for Fitness, the dance and strength fitness expert and founder of My Third Space, Shwetambari Shetty, emphasized various simple exercises and movements for better mobility and strength. She elaborated on these foundational activities and said, “Your joints, body, muscles, and mind need to move a bit. Take the stairs, whether at home or office—that can make a difference. And it can be a part of your fitness routine every day. Finding time for fitness is not an arduous task. You can do many things at home and still be your greatest and strongest self. But this also comes with eating right, sleeping better, and more.”

Co-founder of The Outfit Sports Performance and strength and conditioning coach Huzefa T led fitness and weight management session. He focused on evolution of fitness and detailed various insights around hunger, diet, exercise, sleeping habits, and more in a comprehensive and interactive chat. On people’s relationship with food, Huzefa said: “We feel we are hungry because we haven’t got food in our bodies, and there is a pattern where we become uncertain because our bodies indicate we have not done what we are supposed to do. It is just how well one fits into a certain model. We are all on a situational adjustment with fitness. So, eat at a point in time. Eat the whole thing. Eat whenever you want. But eat it after you feel hungry.”

Happiest Health works towards opening vital conversations in the health and wellness space through events that bring together experts, industry leaders, and change makers. MOVE Summit 2024 was the latest in the platform’s aims to build communities that cause change by addressing health and wellness concerns in a balanced, insightful manner

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