November 30, 2023
The Resilient Entrepreneur- Book Launch event

Dhruti Shah’s Book “The Resilient Entrepreneur” a modern Entrepreneur’s roadmap to become resilient and successful, launched

The Resilient Entrepreneur written by Dhruti Shah, was launched globally in the presence of entrepreneurs from Singapore, India, and the United States.The book is published by Ocean Reeve Publishing. The book will be available at bookstores everywhere, and online on Amazon, Flipkart and The catalogue of this book is available in the National Library of Australia.

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After reading this book, one will have the tools and mindset to tackle any challenge to be successful. With the insights provided in the book along with some questions that will challenge the status quo, the reader is bound to be empowered with sustainable resilience. The book is filled with actionable insights, practical how-to advice, real-life examples, quizzes, and checklists. Ultimately, when one chooses resilience, success follows.

Dhruti Shah, the author of The Resilient Entrepreneur, on launching her book quips, “I am excited to launch this book and I am confident that the book will encourage entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and build their resilience muscles. Entrepreneurs whom I have interviewed for this book have inspired me personally and am sure their stories will motivate the readers as well. Each of their stories is powerful on its own but together, makes for an extremely unique read.”

The Resilient Entrepreneur also talks about how one can create a legacy and can adapt, survive, thrive, and remain resilient in today’s volatile world. What sets apart this book are the exclusive stories of entrepreneurs like Mui Hoon POH- Co-founder and CEO, Esseplore; Saumil Majmudar- Co-Founder and Managing Director, Sportz Village; Ankur Warikoo- Co-Founder and Board Member,; Masami Sato- Founder and CEO, B1G1: Businesses for Good; Sairee Chahal-Founder, Sheroes; Bikash Kumar, Founder, Integrated Retail; Sapna Narang, Managing Partner, Capital League; Gaurav Dublish-Founder, Wildcraft India Pvt Ltd; Jo Aggarwal-Founder & CEO, Wysa; and James Peng-Managing Director, My Drum School, Singapore. These are entrepreneurs who have faced the challenges head on, stayed resilient and successfully scaled their startups.

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