December 9, 2023

BLACKbox received an overall rating of 4.5 on CAPTERRA, a Gartner Company

New Delhi, July 2022: BLACKbox, the product of India’s leading SME-focused IT company, Synersoft Technologies, has successfully passed a challenging test, earning a first-class grade. BLACKbox is now rated and reviewed on CAPTERRA, a Gartner Company. It has received an overall rating of 4.5, and reviews are growing.

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There are several industry leaders with top ratings on CAPTERRA, a Gartner Company that offer products designed for MSMEs. These are trusted by customers in helping Indian SMEs and MSMEs in data loss prevention. BLACKbox is a deserving product to be ranked in this category and will be working more efficiently towards digital data loss and leakage protection.

Capterra is a Gartner Company which is renowned for providing the most objective and sincere product reviews. It employs a comprehensive procedure before any reviews are published. The most important steps are a comprehensive list of questions, a phone call with the consumer, and document verification. The reviewers are valued clients of BLACKbox and they represent various industry sectors and have a range of user counts.

Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies said “We are fortunate to have MSME clients who provided such benevolent and kind reviews. Right now, we pledge to our clients that we won’t take our work for granted and that we’ll give it our all. The phrases “grateful” and “obligated” capture some of our feelings for our MSME clients. MSMEs are important to us since they are what brought us to where we are now.”

The entire team of Synersoft Technologies is grateful and obliged to the entire MSME community for welcoming and assisting us as a world-class Indian company with a welcoming and assisting us as a world-class Indian company with a foreign company-dominated storage and data security market. Also a hearty welcome and congratulations to the Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. team for all their hard work and efforts.


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