Ap Cm Y S Jagan Hands Over Clearance Documents to Farmers

Avanigadda, Andhra Pradesh, 21 October 2022: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has said even after 75 years of independence, people are still facing difficulties regarding precise land boundaries and records after handing over the clearance documents to the aggrieved farmers, whose lands were falling under Section-22A, which prevented from selling it for years in Avanigadda on Thursday.

“Due to lack of clarity regarding land tenure rights, we were facing many problems, and people even protested in front of government offices. After 100 years, a re-survey of land in the state is being conducted. We have recruited 15 thousand land surveyors, and bought state-of-the-art equipment by spending crores of rupees,” said Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Addressing the mega gathering, the Chief Minister said, “We are using modern technology like planes, drones, and rovers for land re-survey. We are in the process of resolving the issues by fully marking boundaries, updating records, correcting subdivisions and mutations.”

He said, “Even in the towns we are resurveying, clearly demarcating the property owners, and giving them title deeds. By November, we will solve all the land disputes in 1500 villages and issue the rights document. We are also taking steps to have the Sub-Registrar office in villages, which will help to identify fraudulent transactions. By end of 2023, in 17,000 villages, right deeds will be issued.”

Ap Cm Ys Jagan Hands Over Clearance Documents to Farmers

“Over 35,669 acres of lands in the prohibited list are being settled by giving rights to 22,042 farmers. From now on, they don’t need to go around revenue offices and courts. We are denotifying all conditional Patta lands, and instructions issued to the Collectors,” said the Chief Minister.

In the Avanigadda constituency alone, 10,019 farmers have ownership rights over 11,5791 acres of land, which they are entitled to buy, sell, or even gift to their children.

“We are bringing an end to land ownership rights disputes by providing solutions to the original rights holders in Andhra Pradesh. We stand as a model for the country in the management of registration and land records,” said the Chief Minister.

He also highlighted the revolutionary schemes like Village and Ward Secretaries, RBKs, Village Clinics, the Family Doctor concept, revamping schools, and digital libraries during the event.

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