Citizens Specialty Hospital Successfully Performed Robot-assisted Renal Transplant Surgery

Hyderabad, May 2022: Citizens Specialty Hospital attained yet another milestone by performing Da Vinci X Robot-assisted Renal Transplant Recipient Surgery in Hyderabad. The Renal Transplant was led by one of the top Urologists, Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Senior Consultant, Urology, Citizens Specialty Hospital assisted by Dr. Banu Teja Reddy, Junior Consultant, Urology, Citizens Specialty Hospital, along with Dr. Seerapani Gopaluni, Consultant, Nephrologists, Citizens Specialty Hospital and Dr. Venu Gopal Kulkarni, Consultant, Anesthesiologist, Citizens Specialty Hospital.

The 56-year-old mother donated her kidney to save the life of her 32-year-old son suffering from Kidney failure. Robot-Assisted Kidney Transplantation (RAKT) is a minimally invasive technique to prevent postoperative pain, infection, and faster recovery for both the donor and recipient/patient. A high level of expertise is required to perform the procedure. Robotic surgery, RAKT is performed by transplant surgeons with extensive training and experience in robotics and transplant surgery. Robotic surgery allows kidney transplantation to be performed under optimal operative conditions. It allows for a small incision and decreases the probability of infection and hernia. It has very minimal pain and allows the patient to recover faster than open surgery.

Dr. Prabhakar P, Regional Chief Operating Officer, said, “In the Indian population, kidney diseases are on the rise. The most common kidney disease is a chronic kidney disease that affects about 10 percent of the world’s population. Supported with extensive training and experience, Citizens Specialty Hospital offers Laparoscopic-assisted Nephrectomy and Robot-assisted Renal Transplant Surgeries to ensure minimal pain with faster recovery for both the donor & the patient. Citizens Specialty Hospital is committed to offering best-in-class clinical expertise, technological superiority, and service excellence for all our patients. A multi-disciplinary care program was backed by the latest technology and international standard treatment protocols.”

Elaborating on the procedure, Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Senior Consultant, Urology, Citizen Specialty Hospital said, “India is now becoming the hub for Robotic Transplants with almost 1000+ robotically assisted procedures conducted in the recent years. Although a few centers like Gujarat, and Delhi are offering Robotic surgery for kidney transplantation, with American Oncology Institute, South is catching up on the technology. We have performed Laparoscopic-assisted Nephrectomy for the donor and Robot-assisted Renal Transplant Surgery for the recipient. With minimally invasive surgery, the chances of the patient getting a hernia are lower and morbidity is less. As these surgeries are more precise and only one 1-inch incision is made, leaving the patient with hidden scars. The advantages we seek with the new techniques are reduced pain, early recovery, while outcomes remain same or even better. All these are possible through minimal invasive surgeries. We get immense satisfaction when patients express their happiness about faster recovery or they are being able to go back to their routine quickly. Robotic surgery The advantages over laparoscopic surgery, like the instrument maneuverability is high, while giving 3D vision with a 5 times magnification of the current visibility, all these enables high precision while performing surgery and the outcomes are much superior. A conventional kidney transplant surgery needs a 20 cms incision, which needs to be kept open during the surgery duration, the large cut can lead to infections, bleeding, hernia etc. But the incision in Robotic surgery is just about 1.5 inch, therefore patients have less pain and trauma from day one, complications related to infections, bleeding, hernia are less than 1% of the conventional surgery. The patients are up and sitting the same day, can consume food from next day and get discharged by second day. Maximum number of robotic kidney transplants have been done by India, mostly at Ahmedabad and Delhi, South India is just catching up. Over a period of time the world will shift to robotic surgeries.”

The patient hailing from Pulivendula said, he has been suffering from kidney problem for the last 4 years and been consulting Doctors Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy and Dr. Seerapani Gopaluni, Consultant, Nephrologists, Citizens Specialty Hospital; at Citizen’s Hospital; from last six months. They conveyed to me about kidney failure and asked me to source a donor, I got my mother to donate kidney. Through robotic surgery without any pain with minor stitching the surgery was performed.

Citizens Specialty Hospital provides specialty healthcare based on world-class standards of care and evidence-based protocols across a broad range of medical specialties for inpatients and outpatients. The hospital offers a wide range of services including prevention, screening, assessment, and treatment. Experts from more than 30 specialties and super-specialties make up the Citizens Specialty Hospital team. Specialists with extensive knowledge, training, and tools offer patients a broad range of cutting-edge therapy options, diagnostic procedures, preventive medical advice, and personalized attention, all aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for each patient. Citizens Specialty Hospital introduced E-ONE emergency services that have the lifesaving infrastructure, internationally approved emergency protocols, and a multi-disciplinary approach to providing care that ensures patient optimum changes of stabilization and fast recovery.

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