Ayushakti’s case study of 5 patients get featured in The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research

Ayushakti’s case study of 5 patients get featured in The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research

Mumbai, 22nd May 2023: Ayushakti, one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centers around the world, recently treated 5 patients from hypertension and anxiety-related issues. These were both males and females aged between 30-60 years.

Hypertension can be defined as rise in blood pressure due to unknown cause. It usually clusters with other risk factors such as ageing, weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. This is a common phenomenon in developing countries, especially in urban areas which have sedentary lifestyles. According to Ayurveda, hypertension is interpreted in terms of Raktagata Vata, Siragata Vata, Avrita Vata, Dhamani Prapurana, Rakta Vikshepa, Vyana Prakopa, Raktamada, Uchharaktachapa. It can also be understood by assessing the involved Dosha, Dooshya, and Strota. 

All 5 clients were given treatment using herbs as well as Ayurveda therapies. First, therapy like Shirodhara and Heartdhara given to the patients helps to reduce the stress level. Then in the second stage, Herbs like Raktashanti and Sumedha, which are mainly effective in hypertension and psychotic disorders and various circulatory disorders, were prescribed. Medicated Oil was continuously dropped on the Marma point, which normalizes the body and, through action on sympathetic nerve systems, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases brain waves, and lowers brain cortisone and adrenaline levels.

Speaking on this, Dr. Smita Naram, Ayurveda Practitioner and Co-Founder of Ayushakti said, “We are thankful to The American Journal of Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research for honoring us by publishing 5 case studies of our patients. Ayurveda does have a standard protocol to treat hypertension, but there are many proposed theories that can be adopted to treat hypertension. Thus, it is important to treat each client in depth after understanding their bodies and medical history.”

“While there are different points of view, no one has denied the fact that in hypertension, the main pathogenesis occurs in Rakta which resides in the blood vessels. Also, psychological stress plays a role in the increase in hypertension and heart diseases. Treating it from the core helps lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, which was observed across all 5 patients,” she added.

Link to download the entire report – https://www.ayushakti.com/research/hypertension?utm_source=website-footer

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