B Praak King

The much-awaited second phase of Zee Live’s Supermoon ft. B Praak King of Hearts Tour begins with a bang in Bengaluru

National, 11th October 2022: Bengaluru was treated with a hearty dose of soulful melody as King of Hearts, B Praak, kick-started the second phase of Wolf777news presents Supermoon ft. B Praak Co-powered by Tuborg Packaged Drinking Water, Special Partner Skoda, and Recycling Partner Garnier at Manpho Convention Centre, Bengaluru on October 8th. The celebrated singer mesmerized audiences with classic Hindi chartbusters and Punjabi folk and pop songs, making the audience swoon and sway with the foot-tapping rhythms of the night.

B Praak is known all over the country for his signature entrance, which had a powerful rerun amidst flashlights and fan fever this time as well. Delighting the excited audience that kept on cheering his name, B Praak delivered back-to-back blistering renditions of his greatest hits such as Mann BharryaFilhaalDil TodkeTeri Mitti, and Raanjha.

The live symphony rose to a crescendo as B Praak balanced out the intensity of the sizzling dance tracks with mellifluous, soulful ballads, moving the music lovers at Manpho Convention Centre. As the excited audience screamed for encore performances of some of his greatest hits, the artist kept the energy alive and kicking with ear-pleasing unplugged melodies of classic Bollywood songs. Bidding Bengaluru adieu with unforgettable memories of a musically energetic night, B Praak culminated his concert in Bengaluru with the most iconic song Teri Mitti Mein Mil Jawan making the audience extremely emotional.

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