Top 5 Online Platforms for your UPSC Mains doubt clearing sessions

UPSC aspirants have a series of doubts on how to best prepare for the examinations. With many UPSC platforms to choose from, picking which one to prefer for preparation and doubt-clearing sessions might be difficult. When it comes to choosing an online center, one of the most common questions is, “What is the finest online UPSC platform that provides effective doubt clearing sessions?” Everyone teaches, but what about the doubt clearing classes? It’s easy to become perplexed by the choices.

Also, deciding to take online programmes might be difficult. We shall compare the finest online UPSC tutoring in this post. Continue reading to find more about the top 5 UPSC online tutoring platforms.


India’s largest in-person government exam mentoring platform is situated in Delhi. Civilsdaily is on a mission to revolutionize the way applicants study for government exams by streamlining the entire process from beginning to end. The company pioneered the notion of one-on-one mentoring through a dedicated team of mentors, and its study materials and exams are powered by AI/ML.It is a favorite among students and toppers, with about 1 million app downloads, a 4.7 rating, and 2 million monthly visitors. Civilsdaily is the most innovative website covering all areas of the IAS UPSC exam, as recommended by All India Rank 1. Features include current events from major newspapers that are aligned with the exam’s requirements. Civilsdaily is an excellent resource for UPSC preparation. Just like covering many topics is necessary for the preparation, loading oneself with so much information from many resources is also not a useful strategy.


ClearIAS is a smart-study programme designed to help IAS candidates pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). Thousands of our users have become IAS, IPS, and IFS officials as a result of their online preparation. ClearIAS has pioneered unique techniques to make learning interesting with the use of technology. That is why, like IAS exam toppers, we are equally adored by school pupils. ClearIAS is a complete UPSC CSE self-study bundle. This effort benefits all candidates seeking instruction outside of the classroom. ClearIAS was founded with the goal of providing high-quality, low-cost online education that emphasized self-study.


Edukemy is an Ed-tech platform that focuses on preparing students for competitive exams. We are currently offering our courses online for India’s most prestigious exams, including the UPSC, SSC, Banking, and State PSCs. Edukemy provides immersive and personalized education to all, which is essential to crack Competitive Exams. With this clear goal in mind, Edukemy has developed a one-of-a-kind evaluation model, based on easy-to-use technology for both non-subjective and subjective competitive exams

For students, the platform provides interactive sessions, personalized feedback, personalized mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, and access to the best faculties to provide effective remote learning.

Career Launcher

The UPSC program from Career Launcher includes comprehensive classes, reference material, a national-level Test Series, online support, and much more. They offer innovative learning techniques to help you achieve your goals, as well as regular tests and a focus on the candidate’s overall development. Our Civil Services Test Series is a compilation of mock tests in Hindi & English. A number of variants are available for Prelims & Main examinations and also focus on our students development through personality training classes, discussions, personal counseling, mock interviews with detailed feedback, and more

Vision IAS

Vision IAS experts guide aspirants step by step through the subject’s concepts and prepare them for effective answer writing. Their straightforward, practical, and focused approach will assist aspirants in effectively understanding the demands of the UPSC exam. Their strategy is to constantly innovate in order to keep the preparation process dynamic and to provide personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors such as core competence, availability of time and resources, and Civil Service Exam requirements.

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