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Senco Gold & Diamonds rolls out “Kalaiyon Ke Liye Kalakari” Campaign

Senco Gold & Diamonds the largest organized jewellery retailer in Eastern India (based on number of stores), today announced the roll-out of its new Bangle Utsav 2022 campaign titled #KalaiyonKeLiyeKalakari which is inspired by the limitless creative power & beauty of human hands.

Being creative has been a defining characteristic of humans since the beginning of time. Our natural predisposition towards creativity can be traced back to prehistoric cave drawings, ancient stories and myths.

The new campaign celebrates this limitless creative power of human hands, which deserve to be adorned with exquisite jewellery that is no less than precious works of art created by skilled karigars who have been working with Senco Gold & Diamonds for several years.

The film depicts the artistry of Senco’s bangles by comparing the bangle-crafting process with other types of art forms like classical dance, Madhubani painting, sculpting etc.

Senco Gold & Diamonds is proud to celebrate this artistry with its collection of exquisitely designed handcrafted jewellery which is affordable and ideal for all ages.

Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Joita Sen, Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds said, “Our new campaign Kalaiyon Ke Liye Kalakari is a tribute to the infinite creativity and power of human hands. Our bangles are more than just ornaments; they are precious works of art, created by the hands of master artisans to adorn the hands of every woman. The new campaign is part of Bangle Utsav which is a celebration of womanhood with more than 100 exquisitely handcrafted designs in gold, diamond and platinum.”

Senco Gold & Diamonds offers a diverse jewellery collection, including gold, diamond, platinum and studded jewellery. The company’s brands include Everlite lightweight jewellery, and Gossip, the silver and costume jewellery brand. It has also launched D’Signia showrooms in India which offer a premium jewellery shopping experience. Their Aham collection of jewellery caters to men, while the Vivaha collection features premium designer wedding jewellery.

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