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TDI International School joins hands with TDI Club Retreat to organise Mother’s Day special event to celebrate the gumption and fortitude of mothers

TDI International School recently organised a special Mother’s Day event called ‘Mom & Me’ at TDI Club Retreat, Kundli. It was to acknowledge mothers’ arduous and unpayable contributions to a child’s life and foster a feeling of gratefulness and regard among the children for their mommies.

As many as around 250 mothers and their children took part in the celebration event and got nostalgic after glancing at the ecstatic arrangements done for them by the school and TDI Club Retreat. Ms. Manju Ganotra, Director Operations, Kiwi Salon graced the occasion to give grooming sessions to mommies under the Fashion Fiesta programme. The mothers were in jovial spirits and enjoyed the grooming tips given to them.

The students’ mothers also indulged in many preparations exclusively arranged for them, like ‘Hair With Flair’. Various frolic games were also put up for jocular entertainment and to add a fun flavour.

A special time was reserved for ‘Cooking Flavour’ where guests were treated with scrumptious snacks, drinks and dishes.

Harender Kumar Sharma, Principal, TDI International School, said, “The Mother’s Day special event was to not only commemorate the indomitable spirit of mothers but also to make them feel special. We arranged several activities so that they can indulge in the pleasures and feel comfortable and relaxed without care of any responsibility. It was also to remind children and imbue a value of appreciation for the kind of sacrifices their mothers make to bring them up, educate and empower them. It was a wonderful event and I would like to thank the organising team of TDI Club Retreat, co-operative students and stoic mothers to make it a grand success.”

Sahil Sharma, COO, TDI Hospitality, said, “It was a great pleasure to host the mothers and students. They had an amazing time and seeing the beams of smiles on their faces gave us immense happiness. Mothers are an integral part of our society and we should all be indebted to them for their unbreakable will and self-sacrificial nature.”

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