February 27, 2024

TAS Students celebrated Gratitude Week, Foster Acts of Kindness

TAS Students celebrated Gratitude Week, Foster Acts of KindnessThe Academy School (TAS), Pune students celebrated gratitude week wherein they were taught to express their feelings and appreciate people, thereby fostering acts of kindness among them at the foundational age. Adhering to their belief ‘By the Student and for the Student,’ students were encouraged to reflect on the special people in their lives and express love and support for them.

Various activities were conducted for the students depending on the age groups. The initiative is a testament to the fact that TAS is not just an institution that practices good things among themselves but wishes to share their knowledge with the world.

Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS, said gratitude is not just a concept but a way of life. “There is learning everywhere. Nothing teaches harmony and taking care of each other like expressing kindness. Students are taught to be grateful for the people around them who help them either directly or indirectly. A feeling of gratitude is something that can go a long way in making the near and dear ones happy,” she said.

Through the activities, students learned to appreciate and be thankful for their relationships. They were also asked to write a ‘Thank You Note’ to the ones they feel gratitude towards and were asked to share their experiences and how they felt after expressing themselves.

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