February 28, 2024

Globally Renowned Researchers, Academics, and Experts Converge at ICRTMSE NMIMS Indore

03rd January 2024: The subjects of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering are constantly evolving. Emerging trends and technological advancements in these fields pose challenges while providing many opportunities. The developments have the potential to bring innovation and transformation in the aforementioned domains and call for interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, academics, learners, and enthusiasts.

To promote interdisciplinary research, develop collaboration, and extend the limits of knowledge in the crucial areas of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering, SVKM’s NMIMS Indore hosted a two-day International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering (ICRTMSE) on 22-23 December 2023. The conference provided a collaborative platform for professionals, academics, and researchers from all over the world to exchange recent and critical findings, innovations, and insights in their respective fields. Held in hybrid mode, the conference featured a diverse range of sessions, including keynote addresses, plenary talks, and parallel technical sessions that provided attendees with valuable perspectives on the latest trends and challenges in these fields. Furthermore, the speakers highlighted the interconnectedness of the three disciplines and the potential for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

In her keynote address, ‘Modelling the Dynamics of Dengue and SARS-CoV-2 Co-infection, Under Control Measures’, Dr. Carla M. A. Pinto, Professor School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, proposed a mathematical model to study the dynamics of the co-infection of COVID-19 and dengue fever in a susceptible population. She presented two strategies: the use of pesticides to target mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes and vaccinating people against both dengue and COVID-19. She discussed her ongoing research and how computer models simulate disease spread under different conditions. According to her, the experiment would help in identifying patterns in the spread of the disease, determining the most effective strategies to mitigate their impact, and shaping health policies to deal with the infections.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Large Scale Twin Support Vector Machines and Applications’, Dr. M. Tanveer,Associate Professor Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, discussed the Support Vector Machines (SVMs), the classic machine learning algorithm. He explored the strengths and limitations of SVMs in the context of rapid technological advancements. Further, he spoke about twin SVMs and other variants that have emerged over the past decade that have led to significant developments in terms of speed of learning and implementation. Dr Tanveer went on to call for improvements within the SVMs to tackle emerging challenges resulting from rapid technological developments.

In the Keynote address on ‘Success of Network Theory for Modelling Complex Systems’, Dr. Sarika Jalan, Professor Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, spoke about the remarkable success of ‘Network Science’ in the last two decades. She underlined the importance of network systems in understanding complex systems ranging from the human brain to the World Wide Web.

The two-day international conference provided invaluable insights and learning in the domains of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering. Attendees were exposed to the latest advancements and innovations in the subjects broadening their understanding and knowledge in the disciplines. The keynote addresses and panel discussions led by experts and thought leaders gave students diverse perspectives on emerging issues, fostering a holistic view of the subjects.

Expressing his thoughts on the success of the conference, Dr. Ajit Singh, Conference Convenor, STME, NMIMS Indore, said, “The International Conference was a remarkable confluence of researchers, academics and enthusiastic students having a keen interest in the vast realms of Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering. The conference turned out to be an effective forum for knowledge exchange and collaborative exploration. The incredible success of the conference is a reflection of NMIMS’ commitment to promoting innovation and collaborative learning among students.”

Speaking about the ICRTMSE conference held at NMIMS Indore, Dr. Anshuman Jaswal, Director, NMIMS Indore, said, “The conference served as a great forum forfaculty and students to enhance their knowledge, inspire innovative thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of the constantly evolving landscape of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering in line with NMIMS’ objectives of imparting future-ready learning.”

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