Pune Alumni of ISB Engage in the Science of Prosperity and Governance

Pune Alumni of ISB Engage in the Science of Prosperity and GovernancePune, India  May 23rd, 2024: Over 20 alumni of Indian Business School (ISB) recently gathered at the, Malaka Spice, situated in Koregaon Park. Beyond the culinary delights, their purpose transcended the ordinary – to immerse themselves in “the Science of Prosperity and the Art of Governance” – timeless principles epitomized by Acharya Chanakya, aimed at propelling India towards a future defined by effective governance and sustainable prosperity.

The gathering provided a platform for alumni to explore the second Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) case study created at Chiranjeev Gurukul. Developed by the esteemed faculty, including renowned Prof. Ramnarayan, along with Dr. Sunita Mehta and Dr. Himanshu Warudkar, the case study delved into the theme of transforming adversity into advantage through leadership insights derived from Indian wisdom.

Alumni actively participated in discussions, delving into the depths of ancient Indian philosophy and its application in modern leadership contexts. Through insightful conversations, they unravelled the relevance of traditional principles in navigating contemporary challenges, fostering growth, and nurturing effective governance.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Sunita Mehta, one of the creators of the case study, remarked, “The enthusiasm displayed by ISB alumni in embracing the profound wisdom of our heritage is truly commendable. This gathering exemplifies a shared commitment to harnessing Indian wisdom for positive change and holistic leadership development.”

The event underscored Chiranjeev Gurukul’s dedication to enriching the Indian wisdom learning ecosystem and fostering a community of leaders equipped with a deep understanding of traditional and modern principles of governance and prosperity.

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