List of 5 Teacher Olympiad platforms that are transforming the teaching sector in India

The education industry is witnessing a massive shift in all areas right from curriculum to teacher pedagogy. Teachers play a huge role in this transformation and are the pillars of our education system. Hence, as institutions progress into new formats, it is important for teachers to upskill and be empowered to bring in a fresh perspective.

In order to provide them with opportunities where they can learn, grow and enhance their teaching skills, India has seen the rise of some excellent Olympiad platforms dedicated to teacher upskilling. These Olympiads are designed to focus on the Indian government’s vision stated in the National Education Policy that takes about empowering teachers who are passionate, high-qualified, professional trained and well-equipped with contemporary teaching standards.

Today, teachers can opt for these olympiads and get a chance to be seen as a leader and continuous learners in their profession while also getting international opportunities.

1. Suraasa’s International Teachers’ Olympiad

As one of India’s leading EdTech platforms that is dedicated to teacher empowerment, Suraasa has curated the largest multinational teacher olympiad that marks as an opportunity for teachers to enhance and build their teaching strengths through confidential, unbiased and actionable recommendations.

Through this, the brand aims to determine international teaching practices facilitated by global teaching standards and empowers teachers for hybrid classrooms, changing modalities, evolved pedagogies, and innovative practices. Moreover, the Olympiad is open to in-service, retired and aspiring teachers and is designed in line with National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST), and the recommendations made in NEP 2020, along with the international teaching practices across the globe.

Participating in Suraasa’s olympiad enables teachers to get recognition at the state and national levels, direct entry to teacher impact awards, cash prizes, certificate of participation and access to a free certificate course for upskilling.

For more information, visit – International Teachers’ Olympiad 2022 powered by Suraasa

2. Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA)

With an aim to make teaching an aspirational profession, CENTA has developed an excellent assessing olympiad to certify teachers, support their professional development and widen their career opportunities.

They have developed a global benchmark and competency framework through which teachers are able to get recognition and international exposure. Moreover, CENTA is also associated with credible partners like Reliance Foundation, Education World, Oxford University, Buckingham University, etc. along with being supported by 16 governments.

Teachers looking to participate in this olympiad get access to free self-paced practice course material and mock tests, digitally verifiable badges and certificates, media recognition, global opportunities along with a cash prize for winners.

For more information, teachers can visit – Centre for Teacher Accreditation

3. Olympiads, HBCSE

Focused on enabling teachers to achieve subject-wise excellence, the HBCSE Olympiad witnesses a large number of undergraduate, secondary and higher secondary teachers who wish to upskill in science and mathematics. They also organise exposure camps in order to orient teachers to the academic and organizational aspects of the olympiad. The time period for this varies and teachers can get a detailed view of the choice of subject on the official website.

For more information, visit – For Teachers – Olympiads

4. Indian Association Of Physics Teachers (IAPT)

Established in the year 1984 with support from exceptional Physics teachers, the IAPT aims to upgrade the strategies physics teachers can use in their daily interactions. The detailed test covers various exams in physics and other areas of science. Eligibility for this and a detailed schedule can be extracted from the official IAPT website.

For more information, visit – IAPT

5. Mathematics Teachers Association India MTA (I)

Mathematics is one subject that needs expert knowledge and great command of teaching skills. In order to equip math teachers with the best teaching and learning resources in all areas of the subject, MTA(I) offers a detailed olympiad that is based on activities.

It allows teachers to understand teaching strategies that enable students to discover the world of mathematics in an interesting and enjoyable way. The platform conducts multiple programmes and training camps for students and teachers. Math teachers can opt for this and get more information on their website.

For more information, visit – MTA (I)

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