September 24, 2023
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GuruQ plans to release four rap songs to talk about the plight of students in the Indian Education System

1st July, 2022:- India’s leading educational platform – GuruQ has launched a rap song to underscore the importance of personalized learning for every student to excel academically. The aim of this campaign is to bring to light the issues that a learner is presented with. The education system follows the ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ for students that go through different learning curves. Students aren’t given individual attention and encouraged to mug concepts to pass exams.

Owing to the lack of support, students lose the entire essence of learning. Education is merely considered a ritual where one has to sit for exams and clear them irrespective of understanding the concept or their application in real time. Most students resort to last minute mugging up by selecting important areas from the syllabus. This dilutes the entire purpose of education.

India is a country where irrespective of income level, a parent will choose to spend more on education than even healthcare. That’s the kind of responsibility that GuruQ assumes for students and parents. Time and again we hear stories of how parents ensure their children get the best education. In view of this, GuruQ ensures to extend learning from the best teachers to create a truly successful path in life.

This campaign is inspired by the real-life issues faced by students. GuruQ is a flag-bearer of conceptual learning. This will allow students to develop holistically and in turn help them build a nation that is equipped to handle real-time situations and nor programmed to just get done with things for the sake of it. The government is also focusing a lot on concept-based learning and has already started the work in this direction with the New Education Policy but the mind-set of the society also needs a serious change. The RAP series intends to do that with one song at a time. The first song in the series has already been launched and is getting a great response on social media from the parents of young children and young students. The video is available on digital platforms.

Parents today need to take cognizance of individualized learning and personalized study paths. Every student is not the same and therefore to force them to bring the same results is an injustice beyond measure. The teachers need to recognize the difference in the learning ability and study habits of the students and plan their lessons accordingly. This is completely missed in schools due to the high batch size.

GuruQ has garnered a base of over a lakh quality educator that are supporting the learners across Tier 1, II, and III cities in India. This experiential learning platform intends to keep upgrading the student experience on the application in order to meet the rising consumer demand. In the immediate future, the application will feature an array of modalities such as institute module, a robust reward system, and AI-based progress reports.

GuruQ will also introduce the gamified version of learning on the application that allows students to learn concepts by engaging with the game. In the next 5 years, the start-up is planning on acquiring complementary edtech products through various rounds of funding. It also intends to collaborate with other edtech brands to expand its services. Additionally, GuruQ is all set to extend its services globally starting with UAE by the end of this year and moving on to UK, Singapore, and US markets in the years to come.

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