World Tourism Day Quote from Pankaj Parwanda, Co-Founder, goSTOPS

Pankaj Parwanda, Co-Founder, goSTOPS said, “Tourism is a major engine of economic growth across the globe holding immense potential. The sector has been expanding steadily and diversifying rapidly over the past several years, making it one of the fastest growing in the entire world. Besides, giving a boost to the economic development of the country, the tourism industry has great capacity to create large-scale employment of diverse kinds- from the most specialised to the unskilled. From local skilled workers/artisans/business owners to big hotel/hostel industries/airlines, etc. tourism impacts almost every segment of the economy. There has been a huge impact, due to the pandemic, on big industries, especially the tourism and hospitality sector. I am happy that UNWTO (UN agency of World Tourism Organization) has taken this initiative in order to revitalise the global tourism sector, and to support economies, create jobs, and drive development outcomes that put people and their communities first.” 

He further added, “There have been shifts in the way consumers tend to see things now. They have become more responsible while travelling and also tend to contribute a small part towards an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Herein, we should act responsibly and educate these people more towards building a resilient and sustainable economy – be it through reducing plastic wastes, or keeping the places where they travel clean.”

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