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The Mainstreet Marketplace and YAAP presents the Indian Sneaker Convention…

India, August 2022: Attention sneakerheads! The biggest cultural event of the year ‘Indian Sneaker Convention’ is finally here and it will be the biggest gathering of sneakerheads India has ever seen! The Mainstreet Marketplace, a major-league hype platform and multi-brand sneakers and apparel destination along with YAAP, the content company that brings together technology, data & content to deliver high-quality creative solutions is all set to celebrate the sneaker culture and everything it stands for. If you are a collector or an admirer of sneakers, you’ll definitely not want to miss ISC as it steps into Mumbai on 3rd September.

Sneaker reselling is on the surge and has gone from being a niche to becoming a multibillion-dollar subculture in the fashion industry. One thing that has always excited the fashion affluent is the trendy streetwear, and sneakers always make it to the top of the wishlist of each fashion lover. Today, fashion is less region-specific and has become a global movement where regions add their own cultural flavor to it. This is the main motive behind The Mainstreet Marketplace and YAAP coming together to conduct this grand cultural fest in India. Besides being a dream destination for sneaker addicts, this event will be a testament to YAAP’s creative solutions in making ISC an inclusive escape for anyone who is fascinated with learning more about sneakers and street culture. That said, street culture is rapidly growing with related music, art & tech and gradually taking the spotlight.

ISC is the first ever convention in India to have the most pairs of shoes under one roof making it the largest resale market in India. From this one-of-its-kind IP, attendees will get the chance to rub shoulders with fellow enthusiasts, browse loads of rare sneakers at the marketplace, and buy, sell and trade their kicks which cannot be found in high street stores. Sneaker collecting majorly involves the trade of limited edition sneakers and other items in an aftermarket, where these articles are purchased and sold just like stocks and exponentially rise in value over time. This pan-Indian cultural festival, which will take place across six cities, promises to be grander than ever. The event will display a gigantic curated selection of sneakers and street-wear from various renowned international brands, and a few of the biggest homegrown Indian brands.

The festival is expected to feature global brands like Jordan, Off-White, Adidas Yeezy, Collaborations between Nike and Travis Scott. But if you have your eyes on something more local, the Indian Sneaker Convention also has a curated lineup of renowned brands from around the country like ALMOST GODS, FARAK, CAPSUL, Helios India, Frostbite and so on.

Along with its highly anticipated curation of sneakers and streetwear resale, the festival will even feature an array of activities like art exhibits, games, quizzes and much more. Not only this, there will be musical performances by Hanumankind, DJ Choksi and DJ Spindoc offering the audience a sublime experience.

Manan Kapur, Senior Partner, YAAP, said, “The sneaker community has seen a meteoric rise in India in the past few years and this is only the beginning. The Indian Sneaker Convention is the brainchild of some of the most passionate sneakerheads in the country and is all set to be a truly unmissable event for sneakerheads and a unique opportunity for brands to interact with this thriving young community. ISC is going to be a major milestone in the growth story of the sneaker community.”

Vedant Lamba, Founder of The Mainstreet Marketplace, stated, “Even though the sneaker community has witnessed an upsurge, the best is yet to come. The industry is expected to grow rapidly, reaching its peak in the next five years. So, spruce up your sneaker quotient and get ready to grab your pair from the biggest exhibition of sneakers by The Mainstreet Marketplace along with YAAP.”

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