The Aditya Birla Education Trust | Post- budget quote

Pre-budget quote: Budget for mental health

-Dr. Neerja Birla Founder and Chairperson Aditya Birla Education Trust:

“The budget has been well-structured across all sectors, with adequate attention given to education. The budgeted allocation of 1,12,898.97 crore for education in the coming fiscal year is a deeply significant step and the ministry’s largest allocation ever.
We appreciate the decision to deepen the focus on teacher upskilling, through innovative pedagogy, curriculum exchange, continuous professional development, dipstick surveys, and ICT implementation. The announcement of hiring 38,800 teachers and support staff for the 740 Eklavya Model Residential Schools, which will serve 3.5 lakh, tribal students, is significant as it will be critical for these teachers to have digital and other new-age skills in order to properly equip these students for a bright future and reach out to children and youth in the tribal areas. This is significant for the nation’s growth.”

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