Amrita Kaur to Launch Third Season of Sohni Punjaban

Amrita Kaur

Sohni Punjaban is a traditional platform for women where trends may come and go, but fashion lasts forever. Sohni Punjaban is in association with Bebe Nanki Ji NGO and Paramjyot Foundation. It has hosted two seasons of the Beauty and Personality Pageant successfully. It provides a platform for women to showcase their talents, culture, and skills with utmost grace. The Beauty and Personality pageant are free from age, color, height, and body size restrictions. It has two categories that are Miss and Mrs. Sohni Punjaban.
The upcoming season of Sohni Punjaban will bring more opportunities for Mrs. Sohni Punjaban, where industry experts will inspire them to overcome stage fear and confidently present themselves on the stage. This season will have three rounds that are Talent Hunt, Ramp Walk, and Question & Answers in the last round. Here, Talent Hunt will allow them to showcase their unique style in front of the world. Ramp walks will boost confidence. At last, the Questions & Answers round will improve communication skills. So it is one of the most entertaining seasons of Sohni Punjaban.
Mrs. Amrita Kaur, Director of Sohni Punjaban is one of the most eminent personalities. Mrs. Kaur is post graduate in Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, and Psychology of Children. She has done many things for society to change people’s lifestyles. She has organized summer camps, medical camps, and counseling sessions for women and children. New skills and trends in fashion will uplift the lifestyles of the people. An active social worker who has participated in charity events and marathons.

Mrs. Kaur wants to change society to empower women and improve their lifestyles. Mrs. Kaur loves to devote her time to educating people about the new trends in fashion and what’s going on in society. Mrs. Kaur’s purpose in life is to promote the talents of women in all fields and allow them to show their talent to the world. She wants to promote Indian culture instead of western and prove the myth wrong that only slim and fair women can participate in the fashion show. And then help them to achieve their goals according to their interests and talents.
Mrs. Kaur does believe in God and says that “no one in your family or friends helps you but God does.” He is the power that regulates the world and inspires us to do and promote good things and help others in the best way possible. She believes in herself and her hard work. She can do all these things just because of God’s grace.

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