TCL introduces exclusive premium 4K TVs at CROMA…

Mumbai, August 2022: Celebrating the legacy of more than four decades, TCL, the global number one Android smart TV brand, has unveiled three new high-end product innovations at Croma, India’s first and trusted Omni-channel electronics retailer from the Tata Group at their store in Kailash Nagar, Thane West, Maharashtra. The recently launched products are C835: Gaming Mini LED 4K Google TV with 144Hz VRR, C635 Action Cinema QLED 4K TV, and P735 4K HDR Google TV.

On purchasing these award-winning 4K product innovations, consumers can avail of Video Call Camera worth INR 2,999 and additional cashback of up to INR 10,000 on using SBI bank cards. As part of this unveiling ceremony, TCL onboarded social media influencer and popular Indian TV actress Pooja A Gor, who supported and inaugurated the event.

Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Marketing Head, TCL India said, “Since the beginning, TCL has strived to offer affordable but premium products to customers. We understand that our customers need smart products and services to lead a convenient and efficient lifestyle. In this context, TCL continues to improve existing TV technology and integrate advanced mechanisms to offer enhanced cinematic, gaming and entertainment experiences at home. Additionally, our products are designed keeping modern aesthetics in mind. Customers can place them in the hall, bedroom or even living room and have a panache, sleek and perfect peace of value addition. Our goal is to keep delivering state-of-the-art TV technologies and other smart home electronics to customers from all walks of life.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Avijit Mitra, Managing Director and CEO, Croma Infiniti-Retail Ltd said “Croma has always aimed at giving its consumer a larger-than-life immersive technology experience and help them choose from a right product assortment. We are delighted to introduce TCL’s latest LED TV portfolio at Croma in the ever-evolving smart TV segment.”

Here’s a brief introduction of the recently launched products:

TCL C835 New Generation Mini LED 4K Google TV with 144Hz VRR

TCL C835 is a combination of an array of superior features like 144Hz VRR, ONKYO, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR 10+, MEMC, HDMI 2.1, and so much more. It offers powerful imagery by increasing the number of local dimming zones along with stunning brightness performance to achieve striking contrast, exquisite details, and more than one billion colours powered by QLED technology.

Dolby Vision IQ leverages Dolby Vision beyond HDR by intelligently optimising the TV for a perfect picture at any given point in the day. Dolby Atmos provides multidimensional sound with incredible clarity and detail that even the most basic on-screen scenes sprung to life through built-in speakers.

Supporting the gaming fans to enjoy games with 120 FPS, TCL C835 comes with 144Hz VRR. It ensures swift responsiveness, sharper imagery, and smoother gameplay. If you are a competitive gamer, who wants to play high FPS games, or a casual gamer, a 144Hz VRR display can make your dreams come true.

The device also supports Google TV giving users access to millions of content options aggregated across streaming channels.

TCL C835 is 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch respectively.

TCL C635 Gaming QLED 4K TV with 120Hz DLG & Game Master

Integrated with Wide Colour Gamut, 4K HDR, and MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation), TCL P735 offers immersive visuals that enhance the entire entertainment experience. The TV also includes Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which enhances the overall TV-viewing experience with a dash of luxury.

The all-new HDR 10+ technology in TCL C635 optimises picture quality for a 4K display. It harnesses the power of dynamic tone mapping to reflect frame-to-frame variations, accurate brightness, colour saturation, and contrast. The TV model also has an ONKYO sound system and Dolby Atmos to make the audio output infinitely more captivating.

In terms of enhanced gaming features, TCL C635 comes with superior game master technology. Additionally, it has a powerful processor that ensures that even the most high-definition and globally outstanding games function without any hiccup.

TCL C635 features Google Duo and Magic Camera, enabling users to connect with friends and family within a few clicks. It allows users to access Google TV to watch millions of content options aggregated across streaming platforms. For a complete hands-free TV-viewing experience, TCL C635 has the ‘OK Google’ facility. Just give clear voice commands, and voila, your orders will be followed immediately.

TCL C635 is available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch respectively.

TCL P735 4K HDR Google TV 

Embedded with Wide Colour Gamut, 4K HDR, and MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation), TCL P735 provides breathtaking visuals, making action-packed movies and fast-paced sports broadcasts infinitely more immersive. Also, integrated with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the TV is a complete package of wholesome entertainment experiences.

TCL P735’s HDMI 2.1 supports higher video resolutions and faster refresh rates, with incredible transmission speed and capacity. It takes the TV’s gaming to an incredibly high level. Powered by a proprietary algorithm, TCL P725 features ALLM optimisation, automatically switching to low-lag presets to offer hiccup-free gameplay.

This TV innovation also comes with Google TV. Consumers can easily access a wide variety of content options across streaming services.

TCL P735 is available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch respectively.

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