More returns per drop: AgriBazaar & Rivulis sign MOU to bolster India’s agri-output with the power of micro-irrigation

Mumbai, April 2022: AgriBazaar,India’s premier one-stop agritech platform, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rivulis, a global leader in micro-irrigation products and solutions. As part of the collaboration, agribazaar will enable the farmers on its platform to deploy Rivulis’ best-in-class field irrigation management products and solutions to increase their lands’ yield output effectively.

In the first phase of the partnership, agribazaar will facilitate purchasing and installing Rivulis’ drip irrigation systems for the sugarcane farmers on its platforms. Eventually, the services will be offered to all the farmers – over3,00,000 – currently registered on the agribazaar platform.

Signing the MOU on behalf of agribazaar, Mr Amit Mundawala, Co-founder &ManagingDirector, said, “At agribazaar, we are focused on enabling greater prosperity for India’s agriculture sector. Our unique, end-to-end services portfolio is designed to sustain and strengthen the Indian agri value chain with the power of technology.

The partnership with Rivuliswill play a critical role in our efforts to provide farmers with best-in-class pre-harvest technologies. I am confident that the collaboration will enable our farmer customers to get better yield and price realisation through this initiative..”

MrKaushal Jaiswal, Managing Director, Rivulis India, noted, “At Rivulis, we look forward to the partnership with agribazaar and providing farmers with an opportunity to implement smart irrigation practices irrespective of the size of their landholdings. We are confident that the collaboration will create significant value across the agri-ecosystem and lend to the sustainability and efficiency of India’s agriculture industry.”

Agribazaar will leverage agribhumi, its remote sensing engine, to determine the exact condition of the farmland and ensure the use of irrigated water in a uniform manner. It will assess the need of individual farmers based on their land topography, soil conditions, crop selection and weather forecasting. The platform will also provide in-depth field state analytics with the agriculture weather forecast, vegetation indices, and stages of plant growth, among other vital factors. agribazaar is the first agritech company to offer this kind of service in India.

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Mr Kaushal Jaiswal, Managing Director, Rivulis India, Mr. Richard Klapholz, CEO, Rivulis Israel, and Mr. Eran Ossmy, President, Drip Products Division.Mr Amit Mundawala, Co-founder& Managing Director and Mr Amith Agarwal, CEO & Co-founder represented agribazaar. Other senior leaders from both the organisationswere also present during the event.

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