November 30, 2023

Paytm now connects users to over 2,100 blood banks across the country; enables eRaktKosh feature on its health store

Mumbai, April 2022: One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading digital payments and financial services company, has become the first-ever app to integrate eRaktKosh, which is a centralized blood bank management app set up by the Indian government, for helping citizens. This reflects Paytm’s constant commitment to supporting citizen welfare by enabling easy access to a host of healthcare facilities on its app.

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 The eRaktKosh platform, built by C-DAC,  is an initiative to connect, digitize and streamline the workflow of 2100+ blood banks across the nation. With the addition of the eRaktKosh feature, Paytm users will be able to track and share real-time information from a wide range of blood banks. It will also allow Paytm users to look for contact information and find out which is the closest blood bank to them.

The eRaktKosh app was developed by the Indian government to help citizens track blood stock across numerous blood banks. With this integration, Paytm has expanded the diverse range of digital healthcare facilities available on its app – under the Paytm Health section – for millions of users.

Paytm Spokesperson said, “We are committed to bringing seamless access to digital healthcare for all our users and the latest step in that direction is the integration of the eRaktKosh feature on the Paytm app. The feature will play a crucial role in the lives of people during emergency situations by allowing them to quickly track and share real-time information about plasma availability at thousands of blood banks located across the country,  completely eliminating the need to run from hospital to hospital.” 

In addition to the eRaktKosh feature, Paytm Health offers access to many public health facilities, Covid-related services including online vaccine & booster shot registrations, vaccine certificates, online medicine ordering at discounts, doctor consultation, speciality checkups, lab test bookings and health insurance.


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