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Leading D2C Plant-based Brand, Plix Launches India’s First ever Plant-based, Sustainable, Clean range of Sackable Functional Foods

Mumbai, May 2022: Plix, India’s leading D2C plant-based wellness and nutrition brand, has unveiled its first ever of 100% plant-based snackable functional foods in India. The launch of this new range of products is in line with Plix’s planned expansion of healthy, delicious and easy to consume food and drink options.

Lack of nutrition despite awareness is a common problem faced by today’s generation. The pandemic has made everyone look for wholesome, natural and environment-friendly food items which can be seamlessly integrated into the busy daily schedules. The existing options are artificially flavoured, chemically preserved or unpalatable pills. This is where Plix’s new range of snackable functional foods is set to usher in a transformation.

Speaking about this, Akash Zaveri, Co-Founder, Plix, said, “In today’s era of health-conscious living and increased awareness about health problems, there is a surge in the need to find nature-based sustainable health foods. Plix aims to fulfil this demand through high-quality, 100% plant-based, preservatives and chemical free products. We had already introduced some of the best-selling effervescent, powders and yummy gummies to address various health, nutrition, weight loss challenges. Through these new products, we have entered the health snacks segment. They can be eaten anytime, anywhere and without any additional preparations to overcome hunger pangs alongside meeting the physical and mental health needs of the body. This is our first range of snackable functional foods, and going forward we will continue to offer more such delicious offerings for our customers.”

Plix’s snackable functional food range includes the following –

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High Protein Peanut Butter With 25G Plant Protein & Superfoods (Crunchy) – The high protein peanut butter doesn’t contain any added refined sugar and offers delectable roasted peanut flavour and nutty crunch. The natural sweetness of jaggery will not only satisfy the sweet cravings, but also offer essential minerals to maintain optimal blood pressure levels. It also contains Brahmi, the most potent Ayurvedic herbal brain booster to aid in cognitive functions and memory, as well as Ashwagandha, famous as the Ayurvedic bodybuilding herb that can help soothe and relax the mind. This high protein chocolate peanut butter with Moringa and Sea Salt gives 22.9 grams of protein per 100 grams and takes care of the daily energy intake of the consumers.

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Lean Fudge Bar Chocolate 5G Protein – It is an ideal snack for those looking to lose weight by helping them stay fuller for longer. It contains apple cider vinegar and reduces blood sugar and insulin levels. The cholate bar includes Garcinia Cambogia which contains hydroxycitric acid that reduces hunger pangs, Fenugreek extract thataids in weight loss by suppressing appetite, almonds to reduce hunger. This chocolate bar drives hunger away and boosts metabolism for faster weight loss.

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Brain Fudge Bar Mocha Fudge 5G Protein – It is a plant and herbs-based fudge bar containing Ashwagandha, Brahmi, MCT Powder, and almonds etc. It provides Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids for brain health and also improves mood.

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Skin Fudge Bar Berry Blast 5G Protein – This fudge bar is as good for the taste buds as for the skin health and hygiene. It contains berries which are rich in antioxidants to slow down skin aging, Pea Protein Isolate that contains amino acids to give structure to skin, Aloe Vera extract to reduce skin acne, Acerola Cherry extract to help the skin defend from the harsh environmental effects and reducing inflammation. It gives a healthy glow to the skin and reduces acne etc.

Founded in March 2019, Plix offers a wide range of plant-based, chemical and preservatives free products across categories such as weight loss, hair and skin nutrition, daily wellness, women’s health, and workout supplements.

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