September 24, 2023
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Jivraj9’s Independence Day campaign depicts the role of Sangharsh as the binding factor for India’s diversity

Ahmedabad, August 2022: Tea brand Jivraj9 has launched a campaign, highlighting the role of 75 years of struggle of citizens as the binding factor for a diverse nation like India. ‘Sangharsh Ka Saathi,’ is a brand campaign since 2007 first conceptualized by DDB with an award-winning ad (Link.) In 2021 Zero Gravity Communications extended the brand message for the portrayal of individual struggle with Pratik Gandhi.

Again Zero Gravity Communications has taken ‘Sangharsh Ka Saath’ as the central theme for this 75 years and weaved a diverse tale of narrative. We had one struggle to get freedom, today 75 years later we continue to struggle but for different causes and different reasons. Mr. Sharad Kelkar is the voice of the campaign. The campaign is currently live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and movie theaters.

“We are blessed to be a part of a diverse nation like India, where citizens of all castes, creeds and religions have been living together for decades. These people from all walks of life share different struggles and a cup of Jivraj9 is that one constant in sharing this journey. Chai is not just a beverage but a powerful emotion in India. Independence Day is an apt occasion to pay tribute to the relentless struggles of Indian citizens who have made our country among the fastest-growing economies globally,” said Pathik Shah, Executive Director & Rushabh Shah, Executive Director, Jivraj Tea Ltd.

“As a premium brand, the theme of strengthening bonds over tea has been central to all Jivraj9 campaigns. This campaign marries the concept of Indian diversity with the struggles of citizens to reaffirm the significance of ‘unity in diversity’ as the uniqueness of our nation. The concept is brought to life by stunning visuals and a powerful voiceover,” said Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder of Zero Gravity Communications.

Jivraj 9’s campaigns have always been inspiring & touching, and I’m proud to be a part of the ‘Sangharsh ka saathi’ journey,” said Roop Naik, Director of the TVC

The campaign ‘Sangharsh ka Saathi’ aims to highlight the daily struggle of an Indian citizen as the common thread running across this diversity. The one-minute-and-a-half-long film, directed by Roop Naik, narrates the modern-day struggles of an Indian citizen. It also attempts to initiate a dialogue about some old struggles while some new challenges we face as a nation.

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