Experts from the IT industry can now go as faculty to colleges as ‘Prof of Practice’ without formal academic qualifications: Jayesh Ranjan

Shanta Thotam, Balu, Amarnath Reddy, Muralidhar Reddy, Jayesh Ranja, Vijay Raghava, Balaji


Hyderabad, October 06, 2022….The profile of the IT industry in Hyderabad is no longer just a service-oriented one. The industry is slowly shedding its image of service-based companies. IT product companies are gaining traction. For many years service companies dominated the Information Technology Industry. Now there is a visible difference. More IT companies are getting into products, said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT), Government of Telangana, at Quadrant Resource.

Jayesh Ranjan was Chief Guest at the inauguration of the 22000 st Quadrant Resource Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad located in Raheja Mindspace in Madhapur on Thursday.

The Senior leadership of Mr. Balu Kuncham; Raghava Kothamasu; Balaji; Sunil Gundrathi, VV Suryanarayana, Lakshmi, and Venkat graced the inaugural along with guests Dr. Shanta Thoutham from Telangana State Innovation Cell; Amarnath Reddy Atmakuri, Chief Relations Officer; Vijay Rangineni, IT Investments all from Govt of Telangana graced the inaugural. Mr. Muralidhar Reddy K, father of Vamshin Reddy, one of the co-founders also graced.

Balu, Balaji, and Raghava shared that Quadrant Resource is on an expansion spree. Globally we have recently expanded to the UK, Singapore; Mexico, Costa Rica; Malaysia, and Canada. The Indian operations wing is likely to add 800 more resources by the end of this fiscal. Their center at Warangal is fast coming up and likely to function by March 2023.

Speaking to the gathering of 200 plus staff and guests Jayesh Ranjan said a good office has an impact on productivity. Survey after a survey revealed that a good working ambiance has a positive impact on the productivity and happiness of the workforce.

Jayesh said ‘your progress in Indian operations in the last seven years is remarkable. We also appreciate your presence in Warangal. You also know the entire IT industry is concentrated in Hyderabad, which is an important technological hub globally. The IT industry must also spread to tier-II cities. You have a guest mover advantage. Your moving to Warangal gave confidence to other large IT companies. Because of this, we have now almost a half dozen IT Companies that either have already set up their presence or planning to do so in due course he said.

Today, a lot of niche product development is happening in Hyderabad. Though we boast a lot about large IT companies’ presence here, the real backbone for the IT industry is mid-sized companies like yours, Mr. Ranjan said.

I know Quadrant Resource is a ‘Cloud and Data’ company involved in building and delivering managed services. Cloud Migration is a huge opportunity. Many companies are struggling to Migrate. You have rightly identified the opportunity he said.

We are pleased with your success. We hope you continue the same. I am happy to note that many of your employees are started working from an office on a rotation basis. Please encourage more to work from the office. Working together, collaborative working is fun. It is safe now to work from the office. There might have been some advantages of working from home but there is no substitute to work from offices Mr. Jayesh Ranjan said.

Later Mr. Ranjan answered questions asked by the staff and guests.

When asked about why we were not R & D oriented and what we should do? Jayesh said our education system and the gaps have pulled us down from becoming R & D conscious and oriented. But things are changing. The New Education Policy is also encouraging Research oriented studies. Things are changing, he said.

Replying to another question that today big IT companies which were once started from the garage can produce world-class products but why India is unable to do so, he said it is because of the way we studied our education. Take for instance if you study the first set up of start-ups, the poster boys of the Indian Economy, and their ventures are only replicated but not the original Ideas. With due respect to them, they all were copycat ideas. Be it Oyo, Ola, Flipkart, etc there is nothing original about them. We need to encourage original thinking. We need to encourage people to search for local problems and find solutions, bringing technology solutions, he said. That is why we are encouraging innovative thinking. The due importance must be given to college projects, he said. But it might take a generation, he said.

Replying to a question asked by Shriram, an employee, about why industry practitioners are not encouraged to go to colleges and share their experience and teach, Jayesh said National Education Policy mentions that the faculty of the colleges must have a good mix of academia and industry experts or practitioners. So that industry experts who do not have Ph. D or M.Tech degrees can go and teach. Already few private institutions have started this practice.

Mr. Jayesh has reminded UGC’s (University Grants Commission) recent guidelines on Professor of Practice, a faculty position that can be filled by industry and professional experts even without formal academic qualifications, allowed in higher education institutions.

Quadrant Resource specializes in diverse services like Cloud, Data & Analytics, Accessibility, Business Intelligence, Quality Testing, DevOps, AI & ML, CRM, ERP, Big Data, and Application Development.

Quadrant Resource which is headquartered in Redmond, Seattle in the USA is a midsized company established in 2004 by three futuristic and visionary IT professionals—Ram Paluri, Vamsi Reddy, Kancharakuntla; Bhaskar Gangipamula. It expanded to India in 2017 and set up a Global Delivery Centre at Madhapur. It also has a presence in Chennai, Bangalore, and Warangal. It currently has 3000 resources across the globe half of which work in India. It is also one of the pioneers in foraying into Warangal and its premises are coming up at Warangal and ready to be functional by the end of this fiscal.

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