Celebrate the festivities with Secret Haircare

The season of love, laughter and togetherness is upon us and celebrating our special days with our loved ones calls for a day of complete prep, be it your attire or your hair and makeup.

Bringing to you an array of homemade and natural haircare products perfect for your celebrations are Secret Haircare’s range of shampoo’s, hair oil’s, conditioners and hair masks!

Flango Conditioner - Secret Haircare

A whole lot of products curated with care, making your festivities this year extra bright and special.

-Flango Conditioner is a blend of 100% organic mango butter and flaxseed oil, creating the perfect natural hair conditioner. Mango Butter is composed of various types of hydrophilic glycerine that pull moisture into your hair, hydrating and adding a lustrous shine, with no residue left behind. With this exceptional combination of mango butter and flaxseed oil, Flango is an impeccable, all-natural hair conditioner that will do wonders for your mane. Leave in for 3-5 minutes before a thorough rinse and be amazed by the secrets of traditional haircare.

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/18

– The Grey Care Hair Oil helps prevent greying, promotes hair growth and controls dandruff. Made with 27 indigenous herbal ingredients including neelambari, keshavardhini, water hyssop, henna, guava leaves and coat buttons plant, the hair oil provides deep nourishment, repairs hair damage caused by urban lifestyle, and promotes hair growth. Free from chemicals, parabens and harmful preservatives, the hair oil brings out the natural colour of your hair, and controls dandruff and dryness in the scalp.

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/14

– The Black Charm Hair Oil focuses entirely on controlling hair fall and dandruff. With various ingredients present such as coconut oil, curry leaves, brahmi and bhringraj – the product aids to a dry scalp and hair growth, leaving it feeling healthy and nourished.

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/11

– Sattva Hair mask helps strengthen hair from roots, promotes hair growth and maintains the overall scalp health. The Sattva hair mask helps nourish your hair and strengthens its roots by promoting growth. It is handmade and specially formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients such as true indigo (neela amari), bhringraj, liquorice, gooseberry (amla), hibiscus, neem, curry leaves and jatamansi.

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/16

– The Hibiscus shampoo aids to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. With a concoction of coconut oil, glycerin brahmi, amla, tulsi and hibiscus – the product seeks to balance the pH of the scalp while protecting the natural moisture present. Silicone and sulphate free, the hibiscus shampoo by Secret caters to providing luscious and healthy locks!

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/5

– The Aloe vera shampoo caters to dandruff and hairfall. With aloe vera being the main ingredient – aloe vera is antifungal and antibacterial, therefore repairs dead cells and calms the scalp during the process.

Available at: https://thesecrethaircare.com/product_detail/9

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