Vianai Systems’ Founder and CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka to Speak on Human-Centered AI at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

India, 21st October 2022: Vianai Systems, the human-centered AI platform and products company, today announced that company Founder and CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka will be a solutions keynote speaker at this week’s Oracle CloudWorld.

Dr. Sikka will give a wide-ranging talk on how enterprises can dramatically accelerate their AI initiatives to drive business transformation, by aligning technology and data with the power of human understanding, judgment, and collaboration. He will also unveil new strategies for delivering breakthrough technologies directly into the hands of users and decision-makers at scale.

During his address, Dr. Sikka will outline Vianai’s human-centered approach to AI, helping enterprises to build responsible, trustworthy, and sustainable systems in service of business outcomes. Systems that are explainable, observable and retrainable – not just by technology experts but by business users as well. He will demonstrate the company’s current solutions for ML model monitoring, critical to running trusted, explainable models at massive scale, that bring fair and unbiased intelligence to empower decision-makers. He will also share early results of Vianai’s breakthrough technologies to radically accelerate the performance of ML models and lower their resource consumption, a key challenge with today’s AI.

Dr. Sikka will speak from Venetian Hall K and on the event livestream on Tuesday, October 18 from 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. PDT. Access to the keynote livestream is available through the free event digital pass.

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