Safe & Long-lasting Implants: Curls & Curves Introduces New Technology

20th May 2024, Bangalore, Karnataka, India: For long, Breast Augmentation surgeries have held on to its position as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women who are considering reshaping their breasts to achieve a more attractive look. With the passage of time and introduction of technology into healthcare, many surgical interventions have seen more success. Breast Augmentation is no exception.

Since the last 40 years, the Breast Augmentation surgery has been performed to the complete satisfaction of patients. Says Dr. Girish, Founder of Curls & Curves Cosmetic Surgery Centre and a renowned surgeon for Breast Augmentation, “In the last four decades, there has been a significant change in the Breast Augmentation techniques as this technology has evolved. The initial few side effects of the surgery found in the earlier generation implants have been very successfully addressed by new technology.”

Today, we see 6th generation implants being successfully adopted in Breast Augmentation surgeries.

Compared to the 1st generation implants which saw multiple challenges like using basic components and medical implications like capsular contracture, sudden rupture and leak, the 2nd and 3rd generation implants saw a considerable reduction in associated complications. Subsequently, the 4th generation implants saw most of the earlier complications being more or less eliminated completely.

Today, the 5th and 6th generation implants are highly cohesive with the core component being silicone gel. The presence of a tough shell can withstand any degree of pressure. Another unique property of these new age implants is that no matter how much we twist them, they can regain their original shape.

Curls & Curves Cosmetic Surgery Centre is one of the most technologically advanced surgical centres and is offering permanent results. Dr. Girish, Founder of Curls & Curves Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Bangalore and a leading cosmetic surgeon in India emphasizes and advises that in the best interest of the patient’s health, Breast Augmentation surgery driven by latest technology is the best option.

“Technology wise, the new generation implants are tougher and at the same time, softer, smoother and convey a more natural appearance and feel. These implants are for a lifetime,” says Dr. Girish.

When compared to the implants during the first three generations wherein the implant life was upto a period of 15 years, this new age technology driven implants are safer and stay on for a lifetime with a one-time surgical implementation.

Dr. Girish emphasizes that any individual between the age of 18-65 years can successfully undergo Breast Augmentation safely and without fearing of any complications, today.

Though there have been reports associating the implants with the risk of breast cancer, in India there have been no such incidences recorded so far. While the reason for that is not completely known, possible factors connected with our genetics compared to the western population, is seen to play a huge role.

Technically too, the surgical process is more precise wherein specific measurements with respect to volume is carefully taken before surgery so that there is no cause for any deviation in achieving the patient’s desired results. Adhering to parameters like pocket creation, irrigation, closure and using facia to close, prevents breasts from sagging.

The new technology ensures that patients can enjoy the luxury of fuller breasts more or less for a lifetime. Newer plains are being used for implant insertion like below the breast, below the muscle, below the facia or even partially below the muscle and gland. Combined with enhanced techniques and rich subject knowledge, surgeons have ensured that the Breast Augmentation technique is even more safe and delivers permanent results.

Dr. Girish combines technology with surgical expertise brilliantly to help people with results, more than what they would have expected. A one-time safe surgical procedure is a wise solution than trying other alternate methods and not being able to achieve permanent results.

Dr Girish has performed many successful Breast Augmentation surgeries in Bangalore and hence stresses that it is an evidence-based surgery procedure.

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