Akamai Launches Linode Managed Database

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. April 2022: Akamai Technologies Inc. the cloud company that powers and protects life online, today launched a managed database service powered by Linode with support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB. Akamai’s Linode Managed Database simplifies database deployment, helping developers reduce risk, increase efficiency, and minimize the complexity that comes with manual management of production database clusters.

Managed databases have been the most requested product by Linode customers. The launch of Linode Managed Database service marks Akamai’s first product launch in its compute line of business following its acquisition of Linode in March of this year, reinforcing its mission to develop the world’s most powerful and distributed compute platform from cloud to edge.

“Every web application needs a database,” said Will Charnock, Senior Director of Engineering, Akamai, Compute. “Being able to automate aspects of database management is critical for applications that need to be scalable, highly performant, and resilient. Linode Managed Database continues the important work, which began with Linode Kubernetes Engine – our managed Kubernetes service – of supporting developers, businesses, and partners by managing the day-to-day tasks of of mission critical components of their applications, allowing them to focus more on innovation and less on daily infrastructure management. With the click of a button, developers can have a fully managed database deployed and ready to be populated.”

Databases are the most essential component to any application, but manually managing them in production is a labor and resource-intensive process. With Akamai’s Linode Managed Database service, users can defer common deployment and maintenance tasks to Linode and elect high availability configurations to ensure that database performance and uptime are never affected. The result: less hands-on management expertise is required to deploy applications and a decreased risk of downtime compared to manual management.

At launch, Akamai will offer Linode Managed Database for MySQL in all of Linode’s 11 global data centres, with support for PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB to follow in the second quarter of 2022. With each supported managed database, customers can take advantage of features such as flat-rate pricing, security and recovery measures, flexible deployment options, and high availability cluster options.

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