96in.com Extends Sports Sponsorship Initiative, Calls for NGO Collaboration to Empower Young Athletes

April 01, 2024, Mumbai, India : 96in.com, a leading advocate for sports education, reaffirms its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering sports excellence with the extension of its sponsorship initiative. The initiative, which has already made a significant impact by sponsoring numerous children in their pursuit of sporting dreams over the past year, is now broadening its reach to empower even more young athletes. By providing essential resources, coaching, and equipment, 96in.com aims to create an environment conducive to talent development and success.

96in.com’s sponsorship program has proven its success by empowering talented individuals such as Yuvraj Lachka, Namrata Lachka, Sonali Darvada, Laxman Darvada, and others affiliated with the Start Foundation. Through annual support, these individuals have received the necessary backing to pursue their dreams in squash. Notably, 96in.com’s sponsorship has facilitated their participation in national-level squash tournaments, marking a significant step towards their sporting aspirations.

Speaking on the initiative, Kabir Singhania, CEO at 96in.com, emphasized the company’s belief in the profound impact of sports education on the lives of young individuals. “96in.com firmly believes in breaking barriers and creating pathways for talented athletes, particularly from underserved communities. By investing in sponsorship initiatives, we aim to empower aspiring athletes and drive positive change in sports education,” said Kabir Singhania.

96in.com invites NGOs dedicated to sports education to collaborate with them in this noble endeavor. By partnering with 96in.com, NGOs can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports at the grassroots level and beyond. Together, through collaboration and collective action, 96in.com can create a brighter future for aspiring athletes and contribute to the growth and development of sports in our communities.

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