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Zee Ganga makes Chath celebrations bigger, launches Acharva Cahhathi Mayi Ke from 26th October

October 21 2022: Chhath is one of the most anticipated festivals for the Bhojpuri community. The reverence for Chhathi Maayi is immense, whose eternal, selfless, motherly affection showers upon everyone. Celebrating her glory, ZEE Ganga is coming up with a new show, ‘Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’, dedicated to the mother-child bond blessed by divine touch of Goddess Chathi Mayi. The show will premiere on 26th October at 8 PM.

Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’ is the story of an 8-year-old girl named Maithili and her journey to find her biological mother, Janiki, despite all odds and obstacles posed by her adoptive family. Culturally rooted in contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand, the show narrates how Maithili, whom her maternal grandfather separated from her mother Janiki at birth, tides over all crises by holding on to her profound faith in Chhathi Mayi. Her dedication impresses the Goddess, who helps the protagonist with her divine intervention to even win over Janiki, who had lost her faith in Chhathi Maayi, ever since she was separated from her dear child. The emotional storyline of the show and its bright devotional theme will captivate the huge viewership of ZEE Ganga.

With Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’, ZEE Ganga has strengthened its imprint on Bhojpuri culture and heritage, thus redefining entertainment with original content for its regional Bhojpuri audience. Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki joins ZEE Ganga’s latest catalogue of three new region-empowering shows. This will redefine entertainment and continue the channel’s mission to bring original and authentic content for its regional Bhojpuri audiences.

Commenting on the show, Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer, East, ZEEL, said, “ZEE Ganga is committed to telling compelling human stories, and mothers are the epitome of unconditional love and sacrifice. It has always remained rooted in the ethos of the region. Raising an ode to the biggest revered figure of the region, Goddess Chathi Mayi, ‘Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’ shows the heart-tugging story of Maithili and her mother Janiki on a journey of faith and devotion. It is an emotional story of family, love, duty, and faith in Chhathi Maayi, which the viewers will not only relate to but also feel a sense of pride in to see their regional culture cherished and celebrated on-screen.”

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Chief Channel Officer, Bhojpuri Cluster, ZEEL, said, “Through the show, we would want to bring in positivity, determination, hope, and resilience to our audiences. The show has a clutter-breaking storyline, and we are confident that the audiences across all demographics will enjoy our narrative through the perspective of our protagonist Maithili, lovingly called ‘Mithi’, who has immense faith in Chathi Maayi. Maithili is supported by Goddess Chathi Maayi’s divine interventions at every step of the show. This will appeal young and mature audience in equal measure, and we are confident that the show will set its own benchmark in viewer affinity and likeability.”

Tune in to your most loved Bhojpuri GEC, ZEE Ganga, and witness the grand premiere of ‘Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’ on Oct 26 at 8:00 pm

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