The grandest Holi celebration in Asia illuminated New Chandigarh with vibrant hues

Chandigarh: Hosted at the iconic India Trade Tower, the much-anticipated event exceeded expectations with DFAQ headlining. Their electrifying performances and unique blend of electronic dance music delivered an unforgettable experience at this lively festival of colors.

holi celebration

The gathering of more than 3000+ people in Chandigarh witnessed the first-ever Holi-la-Tomatina version, complete with a vibrant rain dance, creating an electrifying atmosphere of color, music, and joyful celebration.

True to its promise, the event offered attendees a sensory feast beyond just music. From exhilarating color throws to delightful gourmet food stalls and captivating interactive art installations, every moment brimmed with excitement and joy against the majestic backdrop of the India Trade Tower.

The Sunburn Arena Holi celebration with DFAQ transcended mere concert expectations; it was a holistic experience seamlessly merging the essence of Holi with the thrill of live music.

Jatin Goel, Executive Director of Omaxe Group, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of an event that has unquestionably left a lasting impression on New Chandigarh’s cultural calendar.

Undoubtedly, the celebration marked a new era in the city’s cultural fabric, attracting attendees from near and far to experience Holi from a fresh perspective. Against the backdrop of one of India’s most picturesque locations, the event encapsulated the essence of unity, joy, and vibrant colors synonymous with Holi.

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