Pledge to save environment in association with ISKCON

New Delhi: To make people aware of the environment, ‘World Environment Day’ is celebrated on 5th June. ISKCON also works to inspire people on such occasions at national and international level. This year, people are being provided an opportunity to connect with nature at ISKCON Dwarka Sector-13 Shree Shree Rukmini Dwarkadhish Temple. It started from 5th June. During this, many devotees chose a plant from the kitchen garden of the temple spread over several acres and donated money to the temple for its maintenance and care. For this, a donation certificate was also given to him by the temple. His name was inscribed on the plant chosen by the devotees. From this kitchen garden, Shree Krishna’s Bhog and Prasadam is made for the devotees.
On this day Shri Vigraha of the temple i.e. God is also seen adorned with green colored clothes and ornaments. To inspire people, a Tulsi plant is also being gifted by the temple to all the societies around the Dwarka region. It is believed that Tulsi Maharani is the biggest devotee of Lord Krishna and whoever worships her, definitely gets Krishna’s grace. Many times we unknowingly commit crimes against nature, then as a curse natural disasters teach us a lesson. To avoid this wrath, we should consider every day as Environment Day and try to protect it. Although we cannot repay the debt of Nature’s gifts in any way, we can only express our gratitude towards it. When we take the responsibility of protecting a plant by giving fertilizer and water like a child, then it is also a gratitude because we know that everything is created by God. ISKCON takes many more steps for nature conservation. Like making incense sticks by drying flowers after offering them to God in the temple, washing fruits and vegetables and irrigating plants with that water and anointing the Lord with Panchamrit and distributing it among people in the form of prasad instead of pouring it down the drain, etc. You can do the duty of a good citizen by being a part of this program.

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