OMTV 2nd Anniversary Sparks Media Revolution with EkAcchiAddat Campaign this Independence Day


India, 17th August 2023: OMTV, an Indic storytelling platform, is redefining media consumption in a rapidly evolving digital landscape through its transformative #EkAcchiAddat campaign, as it celebrates its two-year anniversary this Independence Day. The platform has effectively bridged the gap between entertainment and enlightenment, reshaping audience engagement with content.

#EkAcchiAddat campaign represents a commitment to more than just screen time; it’s an invitation to embrace positive transformation through media habits.

Upon celebrating 2-year milestone, Founder Nitin Jai Shukla shares his enthusiasm, stating,”Our goal with the #EkAcchiAddat campaign is to create a paradigm shift in how people perceive and engage with media. We believe that content consumption should not only entertain but also inspire, educate, and uplift. Knowledge and pride go hand in hand, and through this campaign, we aim to cultivate a new habit that enriches the mind, body, and soul.”

The heart of #EkAcchiAddat campaign lies in its profound recognition of transformative power of small actions. By dedicating an hour of screen time to OMTV, viewers not only enjoy entertainment but also gain ‘gyan’ (knowledge) and ‘garv’ (pride).This innovative approach deeply resonates with audiences, making it a truly valuable habit to nurture and embrace.

OMTV content strategy focuses on curating shows that offer more than mere entertainment. One such show, “Gita Stories,” narrates the lives of heroes in a way that resonates with young minds. These stories transcend entertainment, imparting life lessons and instilling positive attributes among audience.

The platform also delves into ancient wisdom through interactive quizzes like “Ramayan Quiz,” encouraging viewers to explore epic texts on their own. Meanwhile, OMTV’s “Yoga Series” promotes holistic wellness, inspiring healthier lifestyle choices. The “Deceasing Om Series” takes content consumption to a meditative plane, allowing viewers to find inner peace while engaging with the content.

As OMTV celebrates two years of inspiring minds and instilling good habits, its impact on transforming media consumption is undeniable. The brand’s visionary approach has earned it recognition as a trailblazer in the industry, revolutionising how audiences interact with screens.

Join the movement of transformation through screens. Embrace the #EkAcchiAddat campaign this Independence Day and experience media consumption like never before.

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