Niyamat Mehta: Sculpting Live at Café Dali, New Delhi

New Delhi, May 2024Niyamat Mehta, the celebrated young sculptor, showcased her collection to an enthralled audience at Café Dali, New Delhi, India recently in May 2024. The event, which featured live sculpting demonstrations by Niyamat, drew an esteemed guest list of people from the creative and art world.


Mehta’s collection, inspired by the fluidity of movement and the surreal realms of Salvador Dali, comprises an exquisite array of sculptures that pushes the boundaries of imagination and artistic expression. Each piece, meticulously crafted with precision and care, invites viewers to journey through the depths of human emotion and the intricacies of the human form.

The event drew an esteemed guest list, including renowned names such as Vedika Mohan Creative Director Wedding Design Company, Tanya Sood Music Artist, Anousha Chauhan Founder Beautywise, Rishi Raj Stylist, Ayesha Amin Nigam Creative Director, Shivan Gupta Founder of ‘Shivan & Naresh’ and ‘Monique Bakery’, Chandani Kumari Stylist and many more. Guests had the unique opportunity to experience Mehta’s unique collection firsthand, immersing themselves in a world of creativity and imagination.

The highlight of the exhibition was “Dali,” a bronze masterpiece mounted on marble, serving as the centrepiece. This sculpture juxtaposes a complete visage with an enigmatic half-face, creating a compelling visual dialogue in homage to Salvador Dali. The intertwining figures, embraced by smoky tendrils, embody the concept of “Ruby Magic” – a divine play of creation and dissolution, evoking love, and passion in a surreal realm.

The live sculpting demonstrations, accompanied by a live piano performance by her brother, were a particular highlight of the event. Guests had the unique opportunity to witness the artist at work, observing the meticulous process and dedication required to bring her visions to life. This interactive element added a dynamic layer to both the evenings, allowing attendees to engage directly with the creative process.

“I am delighted to have collaborated with Café Dali to unveil my unique collection,” stated Niyamat Mehta. “It was an honor to share my art in such a classic setting, where art, live music, and culinary excellence came together to create unforgettable experiences.”

The exhibition at Café Dali highlighted Niyamat Mehta’s extraordinary talent as a sculptor and her ability to elicit emotions and inspire contemplation through her work. “Beauty in Motion” provided a platform for art enthusiasts to explore Mehta’s captivating sculptures and discover the beauty of motion in all its forms.

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