‘Nartanasala’ to celebrate the centenary of the legendary Late Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna, by performing Navajanãrdhana Pãrijãtham, on Saturday at Prasad Labs!

Hyderabad, June 2022: Nartanasala – an abode of ancient dance traditions of Andhra Natyam & Perini Sivatandavam founded by Ms Sunila Gollapudi to revive the rich art forms, will celebrate the centenary of the legendary Late Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna, the doyen of Andhranatyam and recreator Perini Sivatandavam, by hosting a novel interpretation of Andhranãtyam’s traditional Navajanãrdhana Pãrijãtham, performed by Sunila Gollapudi, under the guidance and choreography of her Guru, Abhinava Satyabhama, Shri Kala Krishna, on Saturday 4th June 2022, at Prasad Labs, Banjara Hills. Sunila Gollapudi, Founder of Nartanasala & Managing Director at Accenture (India) and Guru Shri Kala Krishna, announced this at a press conference organized at Press Club, Somajiguda, today.

Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna garu, with his diligent scholarly efforts revived Andhranatyam. Andhranatyam belongs to the Nattuva Mela tradition and is the ancient classical dance form of the Telugu regions (Telangana, Rayalaseema, and Andhra) that has been in vogue for the past 2000 years.

Navajanãrdhana Pãrijãtham (Shringara Drishya Divya Prabandham) is a shringara rasa predominant solo dance ballet depicting an episode of love story between Lord Shri Krishna and his 8th wife the beautiful Satyabhama, which is as ancient as Gita Govindam. Sunila Gollapudi will perform a newer compilation of Navajanãrdhana Pãrijãtham. It starts with the dancer explaining what she would be performing (the story line) followed by the actual performance. Guru Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna garu compiled a version of the pranaya kalaham that includes daruvus written by various poets and Andhranatyam dancers have traditionally been performing for years. Guru Shri Kala Krishna worked on alternative contexts mentioned by his Guru and recompiled a new version through his research and trained Sunila. The performance will be blessed and witnessed by prominent personalities in the field of art and dance as all come together to felicitate Guru Shri Kala Krishna garu.

Guru Shri Kala Krishna speaking on the occasion, me and Sunila Gollapudi are disciples of Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna. Sunila learnt Andhra Natyam from her childhood, continued it after her marriage too and gave several performances. She being a software engineer, despite paucity of time, she has been popularizing Andhra Natyam through one or two performances every year. The dance form has been named Andhra Natyam sometime in 1970, but this dance has been existing from time immemorial, from the day Hindu temples have come into existence.

Sunila Gollapudi said, I am performing Navajanãrdhana Pãrijãtham, through a novel interpretation to celebrate the centenary of the legendary Late Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna, the doyen of Andhranatyam and recreator of Perini Sivatandavam. I am trained in Andhra Natyam for the last 35 years and hold a diploma in it, also professionally I am the Managing Director at Accenture (India). Art is a passion for me imbibed from my mother and into music, dance and painting. Dance is a primary hobby in my life. I am fortunate to have a Guru like Shri Kala Krishna and I am also teaching my daughter. We the students of Shri Kala Krishna garu will be felicitating him on Saturday at Prasad Labs.

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