Investing in Change: Sunteck Realty Promotes Healthier Communities, Creates Awareness on Menstrual Health & Well being

May 7th, 2024, Mumbai: Sunteck Realty, renowned for its commitment to excellence and sustainability, empowered 1,000 adolescents’ girls promoting menstrual health awareness at various municipal schools. Mentoring about menstrual health care and hygiene can help women and girls from underprivileged backgrounds continue their education, maintain their health, and preserve their dignity.

Sunteck Realty Promotes Healthier Communities, Creates Awareness on Menstrual Health & Well being 1

The National Family Health Survey (2020-21) highlights that over 30% of women in India aged 15 to 24 do not use hygienic methods of protection during their menstrual cycles. An alarming estimate suggests that each year, 20% of girls in India discontinue their education due to a lack of access to quality menstrual products. Additionally, 40% of girls are reported to miss school days during their periods, a situation exacerbated by the diminished accessibility of menstrual products in lower-income families.

Even in urban areas like Mumbai, the gap in awareness and access to menstrual hygiene remains stark. The challenge is compounded by the cost implications of single-use sanitary napkins, which, despite being a necessity, become a significant recurring expenditure. Many young girls either make do with inadequate alternatives or use single-use sanitary pads less frequently than recommended, adversely affecting their health.

Through Project Lajja, Sunteck Realty has distributed reusable cloth pads kits to each girl, offering a cost-efficient and eco-friendly approach to managing menstrual health and hygiene. Project Lajja is designed to align with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically aiming to contribute to Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being, Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 4 – Quality Education, and Goal 5 – Gender Equality. By distribution of the 4000 reusable cloth pads, around 120,000 single-use sanitary napkins that may contain plastics have been diverted from landfills. Moreover, the use of single-use sanitary napkins generates 8.9 kg of CO2 emissions annually has been curbed, furthering ecological preservation.

Anupma Khetan, Customer Experience Evangelist, Sunteck Realty Limited, remarked, “Addressing period poverty is crucial to enhance public health, empower women and girls, and also to advance gender equality. Our association on Project Lajja is a reflection of our commitment to fostering healthy, sustainable communities under our ‘Sunteck Saathi’ program. Our support for the project is more than just providing resources; it’s about equipping young girls with the knowledge they need to handle their menstrual health confidently. Through this effort, we aim to secure their futures and foster an inclusive environment, demonstrating our investment in the well-being and dignity of every individual in the community.”

Established in 2015, ‘Making the Difference (MTD)’ is an Indian non-profit organization founded by Mr. Deepak Vishwakarma. Reflecting on the collaboration, he expressed, “Sunteck Realty’s engagement in Project Lajja is an indication of their commitment towards community welfare and environmental conservation. By empowering young girls with essential knowledge and tools for proper menstrual health and hygiene, Sunteck Realty has not only supported in fostering their dignity and self-assurance but has also supported their overall well-being and educational continuity. Furthermore, this initiative significantly contributes to reducing the environmental impact caused by one-time use of sanitary napkins.”

Project Lajja encompasses an extensive educational session covering vital topics such as menstruation hygiene, reproductive health & disposal of menstrual products.

Sunteck Realty actively demonstrates its commitment to community welfare and sustainable development through a series of impactful initiatives under its ‘Sunteck Saathi’ program. This program, deeply rooted in the philosophy of inclusivity and collective growth, has launched several ventures aimed at uplifting the community. Notably, the Preventive Healthcare Camps have been a cornerstone effort, providing vital health screenings to construction workers, and ensuring their well-being and health awareness. Beyond healthcare, Sunteck has also spearheaded the ‘HAQDARSHAK’ project to educate labourers on essential official documentation and legal rights, significantly enhancing their societal integration and security.

Moreover, the company has extended its social outreach to underprivileged children, organizing healthcare camps to cater to their unique needs. Complementing these health-centric initiatives, Sunteck Realty has invested in the environmental and infrastructural enhancement of the community, such as installing benches from recyclable waste collected from beach cleaning initiative and organizing various engagement and welfare programs for its employees, partners, and the broader community. These initiatives reflect Sunteck’s holistic approach to corporate social responsibility, emphasizing health, education, and environmental sustainability.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this press release is provided by a third party and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of our organization. We do not endorse or guarantee its accuracy.

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