Schneider Electric introduces new household EV charger ‘Schneider Charge’ – Offering HK$6,980 exclusive deal for the first 100 customers

  • Schneider Electric is introducing a limited-time exclusive promotional package for its new household Schneider Charge EV charger. Be the first 100 customers to enjoy the package, originally valued at HK$17,690 for only HK$6,980 [1].
  • The exclusive package includes the EV charger with attached cable and basic installation, Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), with an extended 24-month warranty.
  • To accommodate customers who are awaiting the installation of EV charging infrastructure, EV owners have the option to install the purchased product within six months after placing the order.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 18 April 2024 – Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today introduces its latest Electric Vehicle (EV) charger for homes – Schneider Charge. With the goal of meeting the increasing demand for EV charging facilities in residential buildings under the “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme”, the new Schneider Charge comes with a limited-time exclusive promotional package starting from now until July 31, 2024. The first 100 EV owners could enjoy a limited-time offer for only HK$6,980.

Schneider Charge Electric Vehicle Charger – Attached Cable Version
Schneider Charge Electric Vehicle Charger – Attached Cable Version

Be the first to unlock the exclusive promotional package

From April 15 until July 31, 2024, the first 100 customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the package originally valued at HK$17,690 for only HK$6,980. This exclusive package includes:

  • Schneider Charge with attached cable version – Schneider Charge EV charger with a Type 2 7-meter cable (three-phase: 11kW / single-phase: 7.4kW)
  • Basic installation (Valued at HK$3,500):
    • Installation conducted by a certified electrician with a Work Completion Certification (WR1)
    • Complimentary power cable from EV charger to isolator (maximum 2-meter long, 6mm width)
  • Complimentary Type A RCBO (valued at HK$790) with installation for enhanced safety
  • Extended product warranty, now covering 24 months for added peace of mind

For added convenience, customers can opt to have Schneider Electric handle the application for an electricity meter at an additional cost of HK$1,000 per charger. Throughout the promotional period, customers can also enjoy the flexibility of scheduling installation within six months after placing orders.

Unlock the early bird offer on Schneider Electric’s eShop for the exclusive package! For inquiries, please contact Schneider Electric’s dedicated hotline for EV owners at (852) 9029-1119 via phone or WhatsApp.

Trusted French brand with 180+ years of expertise, guarantees excellence in EV charging solutions

Leveraging 180+ years of expertise in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and resilient power distribution solutions for both commercial and residential buildings globally. The brand-new Schneider Charge sets a new benchmark for EV chargers in the market, adhering to the company’s highest standard in safety and reliability. Not only does it protect EV owners’ lives and safeguard their EVs, but also ensures a seamless, convenient charging experience for EV owners at home:

  • Professional safety assurance, providing maximum protection
    • Equipped with Schneider Electric’s built-in protection against residual direct current (Residual Direct Current Detecting Device, RDC-DD) to prevent the risk of earth leakage, ensuring electrical safety.
    • The addition of an anti-tripping system prevents overloading or disrupting power supply at homes, catering to the needs of EV owners of detached and village houses.
    • Wherever-you-go visibility using a mobile app for smart charging management [2].
    • The waterproof and shock-resistant design meets international certification requirements.
  • Flexible charging power outputs, supporting most electric vehicle brands
    • Option to select different power outputs ranging from 7.4kW, 11kW to 22kW to flexibly accommodate the charging needs of EV owners.
    • Equipped with a universal Type 2 charging cable [3], compatible with all electric vehicles on the market using IEC standard.
    • The charger allows bottom, top or rear entry wiring, eliminating space constraints and simplifying installation criteria and processes.
  • Sustainability from product to packaging
    • Green Premium™ certified, Schneider Charge delivers sustainable performance by design, with compliance to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACh) regulations.
  • Upgraded version for adaptive charging [4]
    • EV owners can upgrade and enjoy one-fits-all charging solution with a socket outlet version, which provides easy switching among three charging power outputs [5] (7.4kW, 11kW or 22kW), eliminating the need for EV owners to decide between single-phase or three-phase charging configurations at the time of purchase.

Appendix: Product Fact Sheet

Schneider Charge Electric Vehicle Charger – Attached Cable Version
(Reference no. EVH5A11N2C7 & EVH5A07N2C7)
Product Type AC charging station
Mounting Mode Wall-mounted
Connection to Electric Vehicles Equipped with a 7-meter charging cable featuring a Type 2 plug at the bottom of the charger
Maximum Power 11kW 16A (3P +N) / 7.4kW 32A (1P +N)
Rated supply voltage 400 V AC (+/- 10%) 50/60 Hz Three Phase /
230/240 V AC (+/- 10%) 50/60 Hz Single Phase
Embedded Protection Built-in protection against residual direct current, with Residual Direct Current Detection Device (RDC-DD) to stop the charge when the 6mA DC earth leakage limit is exceeded

Top, bottom or back
Standards and Certifications Conformity with IEC, EV Ready and CE certifications
Degree of Protection IK10 mechanical shock protection level
IP55 solid, dust and waterproofing
Warranty 24 months (limited to promotional period only)

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[1] The promotional price is only applicable for Schneider Charge with attached cable version (Reference no. EVH5A07N2C7 and EVH5A11N2C7). Subject to the campaign terms and conditions, Schneider Electric reserves the rights of final decision in case of any disputes.

[2] Stable and reliable internet connectivity is required for linking installation applications and the third-party mobile app MONTA for smart charging management during setup.

[3] Only applicable for Schneider Charge with attached cable version (Reference no. EVH5A07N2C7 and EVH5A11N2C7)

[4] Only applicable for Schneider Charge with socket outlet version (Reference no. EVH5A22N2S)

[5] Only applicable for Schneider Charge with socket outlet version (Reference no. EVH5A22N2S)

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