PolyU showcases research and innovations at its first overseas exhibition “Flying High” in France

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 26 June 2024 – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is hosting its inaugural “Flying High” exhibition in Paris, France, from now until 1 July 2024. This marks the University’s first international showcase, featuring a diverse array of research and innovations across disciplines from fashion to technology and sustainable materials.

PolyU is hosting its inaugural “Flying High” exhibition in Paris, France, from now until 1 July 2024, featuring a diverse array of PolyU’s research and innovations across disciplines from fashion to technology and sustainable materials.
PolyU is hosting its inaugural “Flying High” exhibition in Paris, France, from now until 1 July 2024, featuring a diverse array of PolyU’s research and innovations across disciplines from fashion to technology and sustainable materials.

At the opening reception, Prof. Christopher CHAO, PolyU Vice President (Research and Innovation) remarked, “PolyU is thrilled to bring our research and innovations to Paris, a city that resonates with creativity and innovation, reflecting our own values. ‘Flying High’ is not just an exhibition, it is a testament to our dedication to making a positive impact through our research and knowledge transfer activities. We are excited to share our achievements and to foster international collaborations for a better and sustainable future.”

The “Flying High” exhibition is not only witness to PolyU’s commitment to fostering global innovation and excellence in research, but also provides an exchange platform for researchers, industry experts, fashion editors and others. It coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations and the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, highlighting the importance of international dialogue and exchange in advancing scientific and cultural understanding.

The exhibition comprises two main themes “Style in Motion” and “Sustainability in Innovation”, with 10 projects as follows:

Project Principal Investigator(s)
Style in Motion
Tai-Chi, Sports and Olympics 2024

This Tai Chi-inspired sportswear collection blends the essence of the East with the electrifying spirit of the Games’ four selected disciplines: breaking, skateboarding, surfing and climbing. Each piece is meticulously engineered to capture the spirit of these vibrant sports, analysing the fluidity and strength required to excel in each. It complements an athlete’s form and improves their performance.

Dr Tsai-Chun HUANG, Assistant Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles
AI-assisted Personal Training Gear

AI-enhanced, wearable sensor-based training gear helps monitor posture, muscle activity and fatigue in real-time during workouts, providing immediate feedback to improve physical performance and minimise the risk of injury.

Prof. YIP Yiu-wan Joanne, Associate Dean and Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles
Sport-specific Sports Bra Designs from Analysis of Human Dynamic Motion

An anatomically tailored sports bra employs analysis of 4D scans to enable bra design to provide precise support for the unique demands of each sport and comfort for women of all ages and sizes.

Prof. Kit-Lun YICK, Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles
Sustainability in Innovation
Carbon Neutral Construction Materials

New technologies elevate construction projects to champion carbon neutrality, including CarbAggre, a carbon-negative and customisable material developed from construction and demolition waste, and a carbonation concrete coating technology that improves concrete durability.

Prof. C.S. POON, Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Michael Anson Professor in Civil Engineering; Chair Professor of Sustainable Construction Materials; Director, Research Centre for Resources Engineering towards Carbon Neutrality
Sustainable Design from Biochar-concrete

Newly developed biochar-concrete merges sustainability with aesthetics, revolutionising traditional concrete construction and combating carbon emissions, and so paving the way for a greener world.

Dr Brian LEE, Associate Professor, School of Design
“Building Clothing” Using Textile Waste

“Building Clothing”, developed from textile waste, is a sustainable building envelope for thermal insulation and radiative cooling to revolutionise construction projects and help tackle the challenges of textile waste recycling.

Dr Dahua SHOU, Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Advanced Textiles Technologies and Assistant Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles
Metal-coated Textiles with Unique Visual Effects

These textiles fuse fashion and sustainability through sputtering coating technology. They are the very first to integrate material science, engineering and manufacturing for lustrous new textiles without any discharge or pollution.

Prof. Kinor JIANG, Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles
Food Waste-derived 3D Printing Material

Harnessing the power of 3D printing technology, novel sustainable composite materials have been developed for indoor furnishings by combining spent coffee grounds or tea leaves with polylactic acid.

Prof. WONG Ka-hing, Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition; Director, Research Institute for Future Food
Anti-stain and Antiviral Vegan Leather

The world’s first vegan leather boasts both anti-stain and antiviral properties. It leverages structural color technology to ensure whiteness at 90/100 without use of pigment, dye or bleaching agent, and uses silicone that avoid microplastic issues.

Prof. Chris K.Y. LO, Professor, Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

Prof. KAN Chi-wai, Associate Dean (Strategic Planning and Development) and Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles

Intelligent Textiles for Interiors, Fashion and Rehabilitation

Utilising computer vision and illuminating optical fibres, the intelligent textiles are developed to recognise hand and body gestures to customise colour illuminations instantly, thereby transforming conventionally passive fabrics into interactive textiles.

Prof. Jeanne TAN, Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles; Centre Assistant Director, Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Design

Project images are available here. To learn more about the “Flying High” exhibition, please visit: https://polyu.hk/CZYFn.

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