Ways in which a teacher can recognize a student’s mental health

The mental well-being of children encompasses various aspects, including reaching developmental and emotional goals, acquiring healthy social skills, and developing effective coping strategies. When children are mentally healthy, they tend to experience a better quality of life and function well in various environments, including their homes, schools, communities, and social groups. Nevertheless, children frequently struggle to manage the numerous expectations placed on them by society, leading to the development of mental health issues or disorders.

Knowledgeum Academy monitors students’ mental health through regular check-ins and trained staff, and provides counselling services for students who need it. Here are a few ways to keep a close monitor on the students.”

What Can Teachers Do

Be observant: Teachers should observe their students closely, noting any changes in behaviour, mood, or attitude. If a student appears withdrawn, disinterested, or frequently absent, it may indicate an underlying mental health issue.

Look for warning signs: Teachers should also look out for warning signs such as excessive worry, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, irritability, anger, or sudden mood swings.

Listen to students: Teachers should actively listen to their students and encourage them to express their concerns. Students who feel heard and understood are more likely to open up about any mental health issues they may be experiencing.

Be familiar with mental health resources: Teachers should be aware of the mental health resources available within the school and community. This includes school counselors, mental health clinics, and other support services.

Collaborate with parents/guardians: Teachers should also collaborate with parents/guardians to ensure that students receive the necessary support and treatment for any mental health issues.

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