Vantage Fit is hosting the Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon from 3rd October, 2022 to encourage employees revamp their fitness

Vantage Fit is Hosting the Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon From 3rd October, 2022 to Encourage Employees Revamp Their Fitness

New Delhi, India, October 2022: Vantage Fit is back with its second edition of the Global Virtual Corporate Walkathon. This year is full of highlights, desiring a healthier tomorrow and making every step count. After the pandemic, it became consequential for employees to come out of their comfort zones, soak and sweat under the sun.

The concept behind organizing a global virtual walkathon is to encourage corporations and their employees to revamp their inactive lifestyles. And get started with a balanced work-life and achieve personal and professional health and well-being goals.

Walkathon is not new, but Global Virtual Corporate Walkathon is designed and powered by Vantage fit for the first time in corporate history. Vantage Fit is a corporate wellness platform that holistically aims to enhance employee productivity and overall wellness, fight back against absenteeism, reduce healthcare costs, increase engagement and nurture a positive workforce.

The 1st edition was hosted in 2021 and was a big hit. This year Vantage Fit decided to develop new ideas to gear up employees’ physical, mental, and emotional robustness.

Employees worldwide get to form their teams and compete with each other. With around 25+ Countries, 80+ teams, and a total number of 2000+ participants, with 34% from pan India and 47% global participation, the 2022 enthusiasm is no less. The starting date will be the 3rd of October 2022, ending on the 6th of November 2022.

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The top three teams/squads will be rewarded based on the highest average number of steps accomplished in the contest. The first team will be awarded USD 2500 in total, followed by the second and third teams with USD 1500 and USD 1000, respectively. In case of a tie, the number of daily milestones completed by the team will be considered.

Global Corporate Walkathon 2.0 edition will donate towards a sustainable and greener tomorrow by planting trees for the completion of step milestones by the participants. Well, habits take time to develop. Vantage Fit is committed to creating better organizational goals with diligence, forbearance, planning, and taking tiny steps to make a difference in corporate lives.

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