September 25, 2023

Teeth Tales: Uncovering the Secrets of Strong Teeth

Teeth Tales: Uncovering the Secrets of Strong TeethWhen we talk about our overall wellness, we usually forget about oral health. Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene not only gives us the confidence to smile but also gives us the freedom from dental problems. When our overall oral hygiene is good, it improves our overall health and well-being. Here are some tips and tricks for better teeth health one should follow-

Brushing your teeth-

There is no way around it, everyone needs to brush their teeth twice a day for healthy and bacteria-free teeth. Use a soft-bristled brush so that your gums won’t get damaged and fluoride toothpaste with rich natural minerals to protect the enamel of teeth.

Floss every day- 

Only brushing your teeth is not enough, flossing is really important. It helps to remove plaque and food particles stuck between the teeth. Use a gentle back-forth motion and curve the floss around each tooth.

Protect your teeth- 

Don’t open food packages, bottles, or soda cans with your teeth; it can cause fracture of the tooth. If you are a sports player don’t forget to wear mouthguards to save yourself from future mishaps. Avoid the unnecessary intake of sugary items, unhealthy snacks, and carbonated drinks.

Drink more fluids-

When you drink more water, it flushes away the bacteria in the mouth to the stomach, and that bacteria improves the health of your digestive system. It helps in preventing dryness of the mouth, cavities, and bad breath.

Teach kids good habits-

Oral hygiene practices should be inculcated into the kid’s life at a very early age. These practices include teaching them the right method of brushing and flossing and also normalising with the concept of regular checkups at the dentist. Forming habits from an early stage helps them to know the importance of oral hygiene and forms a habit of taking care of their gums and teeth.

Teeth grinding or clenching-

Clenching and grinding of teeth is something that happens subconsciously. Because of it, tooth enamel can get damaged, or worse, teeth can get fractured. Over time it could lead to serious damage.

Visit the dentist-

Visit your dentist at least once in 6 months to get your oral check-up and to get your teeth cleaned properly. By visiting regularly we can get to know about any dental issues in its early stage and timely providing the most appropriate treatment.

According to Dr. Manvi Srivastava, Department of Dentistry, NIIMS Hospital, We all should know the importance of maintaining good teeth and gums. By following simple techniques like brushing and flossing your teeth daily, visiting the dentist regularly,  and avoiding the intake of sugary items and carbonated drinks, you can take good care of your precious teeth.  Smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing, and excessive sugar intake can damage the teeth severely and can cause tooth decay.   Eating a balanced diet enriched with calcium makes your teeth stronger. Foods such as cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc., help in the improvement of your oral health.

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