Stayfree Secure Nights Launches New Digital Campaign for Night Protection

Stayfree Secure Nights Launches Its New Digital Campaign To Provide All-round Night ProtectionMumbai, 05th July 2024: Periods often signal sleepless nights, nights when women sleep in one rigid position and wake up tired when the worry of staining becomes paramount…but not anymore!

Stayfree, one of India’s leading menstrual hygiene brands has launched a new digital campaign for Secure Nights to highlight how period nights & period days need different pads. The digital film conceptualised by DDB highlights how Stayfree Secure Nights with its wider back* and longer length* helps provide upto 100% leakage protection# for worry-free sleep even during periods.

As per IPSOS Research Private Limited’s study, 42% of the 2294 women surveyed confirmed that they sleep in a different way during heavy flow days of periods. To address this issue of sleeping uncomfortably on period nights, Stayfree Secure Nights sanitary napkins are designed to provide 2X better coverage* with its longer length* and a wider back* to ensure up to 100% leakage protection#. With its cottony soft cover, Stayfree Secure Nights is comfortable, and its top layer is designed to give a cottony soft feel on the skin that helps avoid irritation.

The new digital film captures these difficulties that women encounter during their period nights. It emphasises the importance of selecting the right pad for maximum protection and comfort at night to have worry-free sleep. The film showcases a woman in distress as she struggles to find a comfortable posture while sleeping. The narrative shifts as she discovers Stayfree Secure Nights that enables her to sleep in whichever position, without worry of leakage or staining.

Manoj Gadgil, Vice President, Marketing and Essential Health Business Unit Head, Kenvue states, “As a brand, we know that period nights can make most women feel compelled to sleep in one position due to fear of leakage and staining. And this becomes one more discomfort related to periods for women to manage. We designed Stayfree Secure Nights to solve this consumer problem with a superior cottony soft pad which is longer in length* and wider in the back* providing up to 100% protection# from leakage and staining while sleeping. Our latest campaign helps women find a solution to their night-time leakage worries during periods, so they can sleep worry-free through the night.”

The campaign will be seen across Youtube, Meta and leading OTT channels.

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