Safeguarding Public Health: Eco BioTraps and Rentokil PCI Team Up Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases

New Delhi, 30 August 2023: A groundbreaking partnership has been forged between Eco BioTraps (EBT) and Rentokil PCI (RPCI), igniting a beacon of hope in the battle against mosquito-borne diseases and underlining an unwavering commitment to amplify public health endeavors. EBT’s revolutionary mosquito control solution, combined with RPCI’s extensive reach and exceptional service excellence, signifies a monumental leap forward in addressing one of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

 If implemented scientifically, over a sustained period of time and with RPCI’s service expertise, Eco BioTraps can assure premises to be an effective Dengue Mosquito Free Zone for Workplaces, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, IT parks, etc

Prasad Phadke, Founder and CEO at Eco BioTraps, said, “Our collaboration with Rentokil PCI marks a significant milestone in the realm of public health and mosquito control. Eco BioTraps is not merely a solution; it’s a paradigm shift in disease prevention and control. By leveraging EBT’s scientific innovation, RPCI’s service expertise and reach, and a shared commitment to humanity, this exclusive partnership with RPCI is set to carve a transformative path in disease prevention, heralding a future where mosquito-borne diseases become a relic of the past.”

The mosquito, often underestimated, bears the grim distinction of being the deadliest animal on the planet. In India alone, a staggering 40 million individuals fall prey to mosquito-borne diseases annually. The repercussions, encompassing diseases such as dengue, malaria, brain fever, and yellow fever, are far-reaching and devastating, underscoring the urgency to harness innovative strategies for disease prevention.

David Lewis, Managing Director of Rentokil PCI, articulately affirmed, “Our collaboration transcends conventional boundaries, exemplifying a fusion of expertise and dedication. This partnership is a resounding commitment to combat vector-borne diseases and protect human lives, while championing sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vector-borne diseases claim over 700,000 lives each year, making them a paramount global health concern. Malaria, a disease transmitted by mosquitoes, remains a formidable challenge in India, with nearly 338,000 reported cases in 2019. In parallel, dengue, another mosquito-borne illness, affected more than 157,000 individuals, showcasing the urgency to adopt comprehensive and innovative disease control measures.

The collaboration between EBT and RPCI gains further significance in India’s unwavering commitment to eliminate malaria by 2030, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The progress achieved thus far is commendable, with the country witnessing a substantial drop in malaria cases by 28% and malaria-related deaths by 41% in 2019. Yet, the magnitude of the challenge persists, necessitating concerted and synergistic efforts.

By targeting mosquito breeding sites with our eco-friendly traps, we aim to create impervious shields against diseases like dengue and malaria. Together with Rentokil PCI, we envision a future where communities thrive without the constant threat of mosquito-borne illnesses,” Prasad Phadke, eloquently concluded.

With the ongoing monsoon season, the impact of this collaboration becomes even more profound. By meticulously targeting mosquito breeding sites, Eco BioTraps, seamlessly distributed and serviced through RPCI’s expansive network, will play a pivotal role in diminishing mosquito populations and curbing the spread of diseases during the peak transmission period.

As India stands at the crossroads of progress, poised to realize its vision of a healthier nation, the collaborative force of EBT and RPCI emerges as a beacon of hope and progress.

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