Quote on World No Tobacco Day

“Tobacco use has a huge global impact, contributing to approximately 8 million fatalities a year, including those caused by second-hand smoke, and large financial losses from missed work and medical bills. World No Tobacco Day is an important reminder that the fight against the tobacco pandemic and safeguarding public health must continue. It is extremely important in the fight against tobacco usage, with its theme being “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference.” The outcomes are concerning. Global surveys show that adolescents between the ages of 13 and 15 are increasingly using tobacco and nicotine products. This not only threatens their immediate health but also paves the way for a lifetime of addiction and potential health complications.

The significance of a complete approach to combat the tobacco pandemic, including public education, strict regulation, and assistance for those wishing to give up, is emphasized by World No Tobacco Day. Public education programs are essential for increasing knowledge of the serious health concerns that come with tobacco use, including heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. To cut down on usage, governments should impose greater costs on tobacco products, outlaw tobacco advertising, mandate plain packaging, and forbid smoking in public areas. Measures taken by policymakers to reduce tobacco usage are also crucial. To help people overcome addiction, it is also crucial to provide easily accessible services for quitting, including as support groups, quit lines, and medical treatment. Collaborative efforts at the local, national, and international levels are necessary to sustain momentum and achieve significant reductions in tobacco use, ultimately leading to improved public health outcomes and reduced economic burdens.”

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